How To Copy and Make Crosshair In Valorant (All Methods)

Tenz Crosshair valorant

Getting the perfect crosshair is not very easy in the first-person shooter games like Valorant and CSGO where your crosshair plays a major role of tracking and hitting people with the right shots.

In this guide we will talk about different ways through which you can set the perfect crosshair according to your need and start popping enemies head and win the fights easily and rank up the game.

Valorant hasn’t officially provided any way through which you can copy someone’s crosshair like CSGO offers custom maps where user can get the desired crosshair of any player they want easily.

Valorant recently featured the crosshair profile where you can create several crosshairs and create a profile for them and switch between them whenever you want. Maybe in future Valorant also features custom map for crosshair like CSGO.

Copying crosshair of pro players

valorant crosshair

Many players like to watch how pro players play and tend to copy their style. This goes the same for their crosshair, sensitivity, and in game settings. Many users are benefitted with this and later on they make their own changes if they like.

In order to copy a player’s crosshair you first need to get their values they use for inline, outline and dot from their crosshair section. You can find the crosshair on the Google. Now just get into the games and go to settings crosshair and enter the values.

You can also check our post on top Valorant crosshair by clicking on this link. Be sure to give some time to this new crosshair you just updated and try this crosshair in different matches and check if it suits your playstyle.

Crosshair Generator

valorant crosshair generator

Crosshair generator are the best way to first try how your crosshair gonna look like early before changing and messing up your favorite one. This way you can easily try several new crosshairs and don’t mess your original one.

One of these crosshair generator is the crosshair generator provided by valofrags. You can click on this link to check the crosshair generator. Generate your favorite crosshair easily and use it in your game.

Valorant crosshair profile option

valorant crosshair copy profile

This is one of the best feature this game has provided recently. With the profile option now you don’t have to remember your older settings if you want to try a new crosshair, as trying a new crosshair benefits your aim and improves game sense.

Just click on your profile name in the crosshair section, and you will see create new crosshair option. Select the option and create your desired crosshair and save it. Now click on the same again you will see different crosshair profiles.

How to copy someone’s crosshair in a match

Well this might be a tricky situation where you find someone’s crosshair during a match, and you find that crosshair interesting and want to try that out. It is kind of difficult to try out the crosshair since you don’t have settings for it.

What you can do here is simply ask the required person if they can tell you about the inline, outline and dot values. If they are humble they will provide you the crosshair details, and you can use it to create your crosshair.

You can also ask them to tell their crosshair after you add them as friend if they do not feel like telling you inside the game. With this way you can easily note down their values and make the crosshair easily.

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