Crossfire X: Ultimate Beginners Guide (Tips & Tricks)

Players have been wondering what CrossfireX will bring to the table since its announcement way back in 2019 at E3. Finally, the wait is almost over as CrossfireX will be releasing on 10th February on Xbox One and Xbox series X/S.

So here are some things we already know about the game that will help new players to get into the latest installment in Smilegate’s Crossfire franchise. More tips will be released after the game launches.

About the campaign:

The game will feature a variety of modes for the players to enjoy these are some confirmed modes that you can expect in the game. The major selling point of the game for the players new to the series is surely its campaign mode.

The story is about the battle between two private military companies that will span across the globe. With the track record of Remedy studios, it would be safe to say that the players can expect a great campaign.

Multiplayer Modes To Try On

The game will also feature a multiplayer PVP mode which players got to experience during the beta with many praising the quality of the game. The multiplayer aspect of the game in itself has a variety of modes.

Some of the modes that we know of include-

  • Team Deathmatch – Simple game of killed or be killed, where teams face each other and the team with more kills till the timer hits or an objective is reached wins.
  • Classic Mode – This is CrossfiresX’s take on the classic Search and Destroy game mode popularised by various other game franchises.
  • Spectre Mode – A mode where players become invisible when not moving and armed with knives only.
  • Modern Mode – It is an objective-based game mode where different points open up and teams have to battle for control over these points.
  • Infection Mode– A mode where players try to survive against hordes of infected players.
  • 30 Player Mode– 30 players fight over 5 control points across the map.

Learn Different Enemy Types and Maps

The developers claim that the players will be engaged with many types of enemies like:

  • Snipers
  • Heavily Armored Foes,
  • Drones,
  • Shields, and
  • Bosses too.

The game also features a variety of maps. As expected all the maps present in the Beta are coming back for the release of the game with some maps from the original game also expected to be featured. Some maps will only be designed for certain game modes.

Difficulty Choices makes the game more enjoyable

The good news is that the game will have an easy, normal, and hard mode setting, so anyone would be able to enjoy the campaign no matter what skill level they may be at.

A Hard mode will be a challenging experience for even the experienced first-person shooter players so this setting may be a great way to get some replay value out of the campaign.

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  • I have played this and continue to return to the game to enjoy. All details above are accurate an very precise

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