All Dust 2 Callouts in CSGO with Interactive Map (2022)

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is a 5v5 tactical shooter game that has an insane amount of strategy involved. One of the aspects of the strategy involved in the game is the callouts. Basically, there are different names given to every small part of every map in CSGO to easily determine where a player is present.

These callouts are literally the biggest factor that can make or break a team. I’m not exaggerating when I say that, a lack of callouts can lead to your team losing the game very easily. So, in this article, we will tell you about all the callouts that are popularly used in the game for the map Dust 2.

There are over 20 callouts for just Dust 2 so there is no way you can learn them all in one go. If you’re new to callouts, make sure you bookmark this article so you can use it the next time you’re playing on the map. With enough patience and determination, you will have all the callouts in your muscle memory. With all that said, let’s get right into the callouts

Dust 2 Callouts – CSGO

T Spawn

This is the first callout you’ll use if you’re on the Attacking Side. T Spawn is the place where the attackers spawn and this is where you buy your guns, equipment, etc. You’re not allowed to move from this place until the round starts.

T Plat(Platform)

Towards the left side of T Spawn, there is an open area that can be used to hold an AWP angle towards the tunnels(discussed later). This area is called T platform.

T Ramp

Right beside T Platform is a ramp known as T Ramp. This can be used to rush towards tunnels and into B Site but usually, you can just jump on the boxes from the platform to have easier and faster access.

Outside Tunnels

As the name suggests, this is the area between the platform and the tunnels. It is an open area but the corners beside the tunnel can be camped in case the Defenders are pushing.

Upper Tunnel

This is the upper part of the tunnel on Dust 2 that leads to 3 directions which are Bombsite B, Lower Tunnel, and Outside Tunnel.

Lower Tunnel

The lower tunnel is on a floor below the Upper tunnel and has stairs leading to them. This are leads out towards mid area and XBOX which are discussed later.

B Car

While entering B Bombsite through the tunnel, on the right side there is a car that also has a little pit beside it. This is referred to as B Car and is one of the most important callouts because it is a popular camping place for defenders.

Big Box

This is the big box in the middle of B Bombsite. It can be called out if someone is camping around it in a little corner.

B Plat

One of the most famous AWP angles for defenders, this area can be really hard to clear out for attackers. B Platform is an empty area on B Site.

B Back Site

This is the area at the back of B Site that can be used to plant a bomb or camp as defender or as attacker in post-plant situation.

B Doors

B Doors refer to the 2 huge doors on B Site that are the most important angle to hold for attackers in a post-plant situation.

B Window

This is the Window above the bombsite which can be climbed and both attackers and defenders can go through it from both sides.

CT Mid

One part of the middle area of this map. Since it’s near CT Spawn, it’s called CT Mid.

CT Spawn

This is your first callout if you are a defender. The place where defenders spawn and buy their guns, equipment, etc.

Mid Doors

The doors near the lower tunnel and CT Spawn. There is mid on one side of the door and CT mid on the other. It is another famous AWP angle.


The big box in front of you when you come out of the lower tunnel. It is a popular place to smoke to avoid an AWP angle to mid and Catwalk.


The ramp and the area above it is known as the middle of the map, the callout for which is mid.


This is a little alleyway on the side of the middle ramp. It leads to A Short and is a well-known callout.


The little alleyway between mid and T Spawn is known as Suicide. This is because it is considered suicide if someone goes through this area because of an easy AWP angle from mid for defenders.

Double Doors

The two big doors near mid and A Long are known as double doors. The fastest rush for attackers to A site is through these doors.


The blue garbage can outside the double doors is known as blue. You can guess why that is.

Side Pit

The area beside the main pit on the right side is known as side pit. If Attackers don’t rush through double doors very early, this place is great to camp for defenders.


A little ditch area near A site with a door at the end that can’t be opened. This is known as pit.

Pit Plat(Platform)

The platform beside the pit on the left side is known as Pit Plat. It has a couple of stairs that you need to climb to get there.

A Long

The large area near A site that is completely open and is a nightmare for attackers to get through is known as A Long.

A Car

Just like B car, there is a car on A site with a little crevice. This is much easier to clear with a Molotov, unlike the B Car.

A Cross

If A Long isn’t the hardest area to clear, A cross definitely is. When you’re crossing this area, defenders can have angle on you from CT Spawn, site, and A Short.

A Ramp

The ramp near A Site is known as A Ramp.


The two barrels above the ramp have their own callout because this is a popular place to camp for defenders.

A Plat(Platform)

The whole A Site is known as A platform and has many places to camp in a post-plant situation.

A Short

The area in the middle of Catwalk and A Platform is known as A Short. These also have stairs in the middle which some people refer to as Stairs as well.

CSGO Dust 2 Callouts Interactive Map

We have also added an interactive map created by TotalCSGO. This csgo map is fully detailed.

That will do for all the CSGO callouts for Dust 2. Hope this article was helpful.

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