CSGO: 10 Best Smoke Spots For Inferno (2022 Updated)

Best Smoke Spots For Inferno

When it comes to CSGO, Inferno is one of the most popular and comes in the top 3 maps among Dust 2 and Mirage. When you queue up into a game in normal match-making or on Faceit, you will commonly see yourself being matched in these three maps.

When it comes to Inferno, it tends to be a decently hard map for attackers to push into any site, specially A-Site. So, here are some useful smoke spots for Inferno that can benefit you and give you an edge over your opponent:

Attacker side smoke spots for Inferno

B-Site Banana Smoke

If your team is planning to go through mid to A-site, there is a danger of a very famous AWP angle through banana if there is a defender at Car. This smoke prevents the AWP-er from having any opportunity to get a kill and grants easy access through Banana towards mid.

This also reduces an angle to take care of for attackers. This smoke can also be used by the defending side to prevent any aggressive push through Banana and give your teammates time to rotate.

B Banana smoke
B-Site Banana Smoke

A-Site Long Smoke

Once you’ve crossed through mid and reached top-mid, there are two different angles to peak simultaneously for the attackers. This can be a 50-50 because if you peak at the wrong angle, and if there is a defender on the other side, it can give them a free kill.

If your team is planning to take the A short route towards the site, then this smoke can prevent any peaks from A long and grant safe passage.

A long smoke
A-Site Long Smoke

A-Site Short Smoke

Similar case as the last one, if your team is planning to take the A-long route, this smoke can prevent any peaks from A short and even stairs if placed right.

Even though, if defenders hear the footsteps going towards A Short, they can decide to peak aggressively through the smoke. But attackers will still have an advantage.

A short smoke
A-Site Short Smoke

A-Site Pit Smoke

Pit on A-site is one of the favourite places for defenders to camp with an AWP. It is a very strong angle and it’s really hard to win a 1 on 1 battle against this. So, this smoke can help easily eliminate this angle and force the AWP-er to rotate to an angle where they’re more vulnerable.

A pit smoke
A-Site Pit Smoke

A-Site Library Smoke

Once attackers have taken the site and successfully planted the bomb, there are still a lot of angles that they need to cover while the bomb is ticking. This smoke blocks off one of the major areas where the defenders can rotate. Since the fastest way to rotate from B-Site is through Library, this can help installing the defenders.

A library smoke
A-Site Library Smoke

B-Site Coffin Smoke

If your team has gotten through Banana and reached near B-Site, Coffin is a very hard angle to clear. This smoke can completely block off the coffin and force the defender to either retreat or push aggressively, which gives the attackers an advantage. This smoke can also be used in post-plant settings to stall the defenders.

B coffin smoke
B-Site Coffin Smoke

B-Site CT Smoke

Once the bomb has been planted, CT is one of the hardest angles to keep track of. This smoke can be used during the post-plant to block off one of the major angles and leave defenders with only two ways i.e. through Banana or Coffin which can easily be held off. This smoke can also be combined with Coffin Smoke to easily overtake the site.

B CT smoke
B-Site CT Smoke

Defender Side Smoke Spots for Inferno

A-Site Apartment Smoke

If the defenders have information that attackers are trying to push both apartments and A-Short or Long together to overtake a site, this Smoke can be used to stall the push from Apartments and keep control of the site while also giving time for your teammates to rotate. Be careful of aggressive peaks through the smoke though.

A apartment smoke
A-Site Apartment Smoke

Mid Smoke

This smoke provides numerous amounts of benefits to defenders. First of all, it blocks off T Ramp and Bottom mid in case any attacker is using an AWP to get an early kill. This smoke also prevents a push from mid and reduces the angles that defenders need to take care of while defending A-Site.

A mid smoke
Mid Smoke

A-Site Short Smoke

Similar to the apartment’s smoke, if defenders hear an aggressive push from A-Short, it can be prevented or atleast stalled by this smoke. This can also be used as a counter smoke if the attackers decide to smoke Pit to force the AWP-er to rotate.

A short def smoke
A-Site Short Defense Smoke

That’ll do it for the best smoke spots for Inferno 2022. Hope this guide was useful! For more smoke spot guides, Check out our Dust 2 Smoke Spots article.

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