CSGO: 10 Best Smoke Spots For Mirage (2022 Updated)

Best Smoke Spots For Mirage

If you ask any passionate CSGO gamers their favourite map, Mirage will always be one of them among Dust 2 and Inferno. Whenever you queue up in these three maps, you will see yourself getting games much faster compared to most of the other maps. Mirage is one of the most popular and balanced map in the game.

Even though it’s fairly balanced, Mirage can sometimes be a hard map to get into Plant Site for attackers. There are a lot of angles to clear and a lot of places Defenders could be hiding in. These smoke spots for Mirage will help you greatly in covering off various angles at the right time to be able to gain a competitive advantage over your enemies.

Attacker Side Smoke Spots for Mirage

A-Site CT Smoke

This is known to be one of the most important smokes spots for Mirage. As you’re entering the site, be it through the palace or through Ramp, this is an angle that is very hard to clear. With that, it is also one of the best AWP spots on the map.

So instead of going through the trouble of trying to clear CT, this smoke can help you eliminate the angle itself and reduce the number of angles to watch while entering the site.

A CT Smoke
A-Site CT Smoke

A-Site Jungle Smoke

Jungle is another difficult angle to clear because of the sheer amount of mobility that it provides to the defenders. This smoke can prevent any sneaky peaks from Jungle and connector. If this is combined with the CT smoke, It becomes much easier to overtake A-Site and safely plant without worrying about off peaks.

A jungle smoke
A-Site Jungle Smoke

A-Site Stairs Smoke

If your team decides to push through the ramp on A-Site, a defender camping on stairs and continuously peaking can be a massive bother to deal with. Usually, stairs are recommended to be blocked off with a Molotov, but a smoke can also do the job. Stairs is an off angle and this smoke eliminates the angle, giving an advantage to Attackers.

A stairs smoke
A-Site Stairs Smoke

B-Site Market Smoke

B-Site is said to be one of the easier ones to overtake on Mirage. While there are still a lot of angles to clear, the market is one of the safe places where defenders like to stay because they can easily get out and play retake in terms of an aggressive push. But this smoke prevents them from any early peak and kills making it much easier to overtake B-Site.

B market smoke
B-Site Market Smoke

Mid Window Smoke

A lot of players on Mirage are scared to even go through mid in the subsequent rounds because of the window AWP-ing spot. This smoke can completely block off that spot and make it much easier for attackers to handle mid and decide which site they want to push.

mid window smoke
Mid Window Smoke

Mid Catwalk Smoke

This is another smoke spot to make it easier for attackers to take control of mid. This smoke prevents early peaks from any angle and gives attackers safe passage to the mid boxes where they can hold the angle. It also completely eliminates the B-Short angle for the duration of the smoke.

mid catwalk smoke
Mid Catwalk Smoke

Defender Side Smoke Spots for Mirage

A-Site Palace Smoke

While defending A-Site, unless you’re positioned in jungle area, palace can be an extremely off angle to take care of and it’s one of the favourite places for attack-sided AWP users. This smoke can be really helpful to eliminate that angle and also force the AWP-er to switch places which makes him more vulnerable.

A palace smoke
A-Site Palace Smoke

A-Site Ramp Smoke

One of the most common aggressive pushes on Mirage happen through A-site ramp. It is recommended to use this smoke at the very start of the round towards the A Ramp to prevent any early rushes and also gives defenders time to take their defensive position.

This smoke can also be used by attackers to counter the Molotov thrown by defenders to prevent a rush.

A ramp smoke
A-Site Ramp Smoke

B-Site Apartments Smoke

When it comes to B-Site, short is one of the least used passages to overtake the site by attackers. Apartment pushes are very common and this push is very hard to stop unless defenders have some utility.

This smoke can stall the attackers while your teammates rotate. It can also be used by attackers to get rid of a Molotov thrown by defenders in order to continue their push.

B apartments smoke
B-Site Apartments Smoke

B-Site Short Smoke

Even though short isn’t the most popular places to push from for attackers, there are times when they combine together the Apartment and short rush to pressurize the defenders more. This can be prevented by this smoke as it completely blocks short leaving the attackers second guessing themselves.

B Short smoke
B-Site Short Smoke

That will do it for all the best smoke spots for Mirage. Hope this article was helpful!

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