Cuphead: How to Get the Chalice Golden Skin

Cuphead How to Get the DLC Secret Achievements

Cuphead is a run-and-gun video game that was developed and published by Studio MDHR, initially in 2017. Anyone who is familiar with Studio MDHR can attest to Cuphead’s difficulty. The vicious boss fights, run-and-gun stages, and parry puzzles that ask for precise timing and perfection contrast sharply with the cute animated characters and the charming soundtrack.

Cuphead: The Delicious Last Course DLC is now finally available after several delays.

Cactus Lady

You can encounter a cactus lady around a campfire if you look around the map. When you interact with her, she will indicate that she wants to tell a story about something. Each player will get a unique and random version of the tale. These tales are connected to the boss fights that Ms Chalice must win. Every boss in the game must be defeated. You can complete it on any level of difficulty.


The hints and the bosses that they refer to are as follows:

Inkwell Isle I

I’d sure love to tell…Boss
‘The tale of the villanious veggies vanquished.’The Root Pack
‘The tale of that slime smashed silly.’Goopy Le Grande
‘The tale of the busted-up blimp.’Hilda Berg
‘The tale of the felonious flower felled.’Cagney Carnation
‘The tale of the trounced tadpoles.’Ribby and Croaks

Inkwell Isle II

I’d sure love to tell…Boss
‘The tale of the countess’s sugar crash.’Baroness Von Bon Bon
‘The tale of the creepy clown gone kaput.’Beppi the Clown
‘The tale of the meanie genie sent up in smoke.’Djimm the Great
‘The tale of the fire breather extinguished.’Grim Matchstick
‘The tale of how the bird got his wings clipped.’Wally Warbles

Inkwell Isle III

I’d sure love to tell…Boss
‘The tale of the bad bee buzzed off.’Rumor Honeybottoms
‘The tale of the pirate walking the plank.’Captain Brineybeard
‘The tale of the upstaged drama queen.’Sally Stageplay
‘The tale of the platoon pest gone awol.’Werner Werman
‘The tale of the bolt bucket’s bust-up.’Dr Kahl’s Robot
‘The tale of the siren’s swan song.’Cala Maria
‘The tale of the locomotive in limbo.’Phantom Express

Inkwell Isle IV

I’d sure love to tell…Boss
‘The tale of those boozy bugs busted.’Moonshine Mob
‘The tale of the bruised big boulder.’Glumstone the Giant
‘The tale of the dusted desperado.’Esther Winchester
‘The tale of the cold congregation put on ice.’Mortimer Freeze
‘The tale of the punched up pack of pilots.’The Howling Aces
‘The tale of anyone else causin’ trouble.’Chef Saltbaker

After the players have beaten all of the bosses mentioned, the side quest given by the Cactus Lady stands completed as well. The players will now find a notice from the NPC. This message congratulates you on defeating every boss with Ms Chalice and grants you access to the Chalice Filter.

How to Equip the Golden Skin for Ms Chalice


To equip the new golden skin, head to the Visual tab in the game’s settings. Scroll down till you see the Filter option. Turn it to Chalice, and come out of the options menu. The next time you play a game with Ms Chalice, you’ll see the change.

That wraps it up. Get into the game and beat those bosses for that adorable golden skin.

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