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Elden Ring: How to Cure Bleeding (Items and their location)

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In Elden Ring, you have to always keep an eye on your health bar. If your health bar drops too low you will need to consume a flask. Similarly, the stamina bar dictates the frequency of your dodges, rolls, and heavy attacks.

Another character effect you have to pay attention to is a debuff. These debuffs get activated when you are poisoned or start bleeding. If these debuffs are not cured your character will become weaker in battle.

Character Debuffs in Elden Ring.

How to cure bleeding in Elden Ring.

There are certain consumables in Elden Ring that will cancel the active debuff effect. The consumable required to remove the bleeding debuff is a bleeding heal item. The bleeding heal item in Elden Ring is called “Stanching Boluses”. If you consume this item while your character has an active bleeding effect, it will remove the debuff. So you might want to keep these items in your inventory.

Stanching Boluses
Stanching Boluses.

Where to find bleeding cure in Elden Ring.

There are several ways to acquire the “Stanching Boluses”. The most efficient way is to get the Nomadic Cookbook which has the recipe for “Stanching Boluses”. This cookbook can be found next to the palm reader to the right of the bridge near Stormveil Castle.

You can also buy “Stanching Boluses” from merchant NPCs in the game. Crafting the item yourself is cheaper than purchasing it. The recipe for “Stanching Boluses” has only three ingredients. They are listed below –

  • 1 Herba
  • 1 Cave Moss
  • 1 Land Octopus Ovary

Purchasing bleeding heal items from NPC.

If you don’t want to collect ingredients and craft “Stanching Boluses” you can purchase them from merchant NPCs. One such NPC is located southwest of the “Church Of Elleh”. If you head southwest of the “Church Of Elleh” you will encounter the shoreline. This area will have a huge stone structure with an arch.

Stone Structure Location
Location of the Stone Structure.

There is a small campsite under this arch. There will be a Nomadic Merchant sitting beside a bonfire. This merchant NPC sells “Stanching Boluses”.

Nomadic Merchant
Nomadic Merchant under the stone arch.

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