Cursed To Golf Complete Beginner Guide (Tips And Tricks)

Cursed to Golf is the new mix of sports, puzzles and a little bit of spooky adventure all mixed into a very enjoyable game. The game is developed by Chuhai Labs and published by Thunderful Publishing and is released on 18 August 2022.

The game is based on the main character a golfing champion who after his death gets a chance to ascend back to life by clearing 18 golfing dungeons in the world of golf purgatory. The game sports the classic golf agenda of putting a ball into a hole but if you fail to do so your spirit is pulled into oblivion.

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The projectile motion and ball physics in every shot in the game are very appropriate and feel very fun to see play out. When you shoot a ball it may even drown in a pool of water which you totally did not expect.

This article will give you tips and tricks that give you the headstart you need to ascend back to life and free you from being cursed to golf!

Master Ace Card Abilities

Ace cards are power-ups which feature different abilities or powers on each card. They can be bought from the Eterni-tee shop in the game and can turn the tide of the game if you know how to use them.

They are vital for every player as they allow you to escape the deadly hazards in the most clutch situations where it seems impossible to avoid losing. So mastering these cards and their abilities will give you the upper hand in clearing the game fast and with more fun.

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Avoid Deadly Hazards

The Deadly Hazards are the obstacles that are found in every stage of the game. They vary from spikes to pools of water and other various obstacles that would test your brain. You need to shoot the ball to avoid them because if the ball comes in contact with them you lose the stage and your soul is sucked into oblivion.

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Use the Environment

The environment in the game is very beautiful in that classic pixel graphics which please the eyes. The players can also use the environment to change the trajectory of their shot as the ball bounces off after touching a wall. There are also certain objects like jump pads and destructible pillars which you can use to your advantage to achieve your goal of putting the ball in the hole.

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These were some tips you need to know to get a headstart in the game and help you ascend back to life after clearing those 18 dungeons in the golf purgatory.

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