The Cycle Frontier: Best Way to Level Up Factions Quickly

In The Cycle Frontier, unlike traditional battle royales in the market, you don’t drop onto the map with other players and engage in combat until only one player is left standing. Instead, servers are active all day long, allowing you to join, top off your tasks, and leave whenever you’re done.

Osiris, Korolev, and Ica are the three main factions available in the game. The Cycle Frontier allows users to carry out tasks for a certain faction while evading risks posed by other humans and aliens. They may benefit from this when they level up and earn rewards like tools and weapons.

Factions can be levelled up in a few different ways, as this guide will explain. As you will need factions for their prizes, it is important to make an early start with the same.

How to Level Up Factions

In The Cycle: Frontier, there are multiple ways to level up factions.


Complete all of the campaign missions associated with the factions you want to level up.

Secondly, don’t discard or scrap anything you find in the game that you find useless. Instead, you might offer such items to a faction in exchange for reputation points.

There are a few things to remember while you complete your campaign quests if you want to level up factions as rapidly as possible.

You can choose and activate up to three missions from a single faction, which is useful for power-levelling factions. This makes gathering and holding onto materials to finish all three objectives at once much more efficient.

Additionally, you have the option of carrying three stacks of each item at all times. You can them in for factions as soon as the quest becomes available. Consequently, you won’t need to go for another run.


Finally, to level up your preferred faction, sell everything you find on the planet. The only exceptions are clearly your active quest items and the crafting supplies needed to create your armour and attachment upgrades.

That concludes our guide for levelling up factions quickly. Be sure to check out more of our articles on The Cycle Frontier.

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