Dead by Daylight: How to Survive the New Killer Onryo

Even though it has been years since Dead by Daylight was released in 2016, it continues to maintain a steady player count, popularity, and relevance, much thanks to its regular updates and content drops. This new year, the meta of the game has shifted, especially when playing as a survivor.

With the amount of content dropped last year, there are plenty of fresh new ways to play as a survivor. The Onryo (Onryō), also referred to as Sadako Yamamura, is one of the most tricky killers to survive, here are our tips on how to do that. Let’s get into it.

Learn common looping paths and tricks:

Players should familiarize themselves with the paths and the best ways to avoid common tackles as the Onryo only uses her basic attack during a chase. Players should also look out for where survivors are headed, and where the killer’s optimal path to close the gap lies.

DBD Looping

Beware of her stealth:

Giving players a jumpscare is something we all can agree that does give us a bit of a rush and the Onryo heavily benefits from this as she can randomly show up from nowhere, and combining that with her ability passive phasing ability shortly after Manifestation she can really be a monster and is something, she may use tall loops to her advantage, making survivors think she is switching direction.


Use the TVs safely:

Players should remember that Onryo’s power doesn’t help her much in a chase, and she might use the TVs to her advantage since it grants a small temporary speed boost, this might give her an opportunity to land a game-changing hit, she might catch you off guard so look out for that.


Overall one should remember that The Onryo is also an extremely mobile character, similar to the now unavailable Demogorgon. The Onryo can teleport to several TV screens on the map, gaining material form like in The Ring.

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