How to defeat the Warden Mob in Minecraft Easily (Guide)

Warden 2

Minecraft is the most popular sandbox- survival game in the industry. This game was released back in 2011 by Mojang Studios. Ever since Minecraft’s release, its player base has been expanding exponentially. The game has been receiving updates since the last decade and is a staple for gamers of all ages.

Minecraft has received a new update which is called ” Minecraft 1.19 The Wild Update”. This new update will introduce a new biome called the “Deep Dark.” These biomes will have “Ancient Cities” and a new strong mob called the “Warden.” Follow this article to learn how to kill the Warden in Minecraft.


Locating the Warden in Minecraft.

The world you spawn in while creating a new world is called the Overworld. The Overworld has deep ravines and caves, which you can mine for resources and diamonds. The Warden will spawn in an “Ancient City” in the “Deep Dark” biome. This biome is located very close to the bedrock layer.

deep dark biome
Deep Dark Cave.

This biome and region have new blocks called ” Sculk Shriekers.” When you step on these blocks more than three times, it will summon the Warden. The candles and light sources will start dimming periodically, indicating that the Warden is nearby.

Sculk shriekers edited
Sculk Shrieker block in Minecraft.

Equipmet required to defeat the Warden in Minecraft.

The Warden is blind and can only track you by the sounds you make. This doesn’t mean it’s easy to kill. Warden can kill you with one hit and is stronger than a “Village Golem.” It also respawns two times after you have killed it.

Warden mob in Minecraft.

You will need a complete set of “Netherite” armor and weapons. The weapons should have “Fire Aspect” and “Efficiency” enchantments to them. You will also need plenty of “Golden Apples” and “Golden Carrots” to regenerate your health.

Netherite Armor
Netherite Armor.

How to kill the Warden.

After the Warden has spawned, you will need to destroy all the “Sculk Shriekers” in the area to stop it from spawning back all the time. The easiest way to defeat the Warden is to place yourself above the Warden where it cant reach you. Use this opportunity to attack it. There will be times the Warden will get stuck in between blocks. Attack it with arrows and swords. Repeat this process as many times as the Warden spawns back.

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