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Defeat Tiamat in Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin

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Tiamat is a very thrilling boss in the Stranger of Paradise game and it becomes very difficult to fight with such bosses in the game, especially without any strategy. As Stranger of Paradise challenges its players many times with boss fights. So, we are sharing some tips on “How to defeat Tiamat in Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin“.

Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin is developed by Koei Tecmo’s Team Ninja and published by Square Enix. It is an action-adventure role-playing game. You can get this game through Epic Games.

Defeat Tiamat Easily:

Follow the given below tips to defeat Tiamat.

First Phase of Fight

  1. Tiamat is a very strong and aggressive boss, who have many heads and a big Break Gauge.
  2. Tiamat present a two phase fight to its enemies, in which the first one is quite easy compared to the second phase.
  3. In the first phase, Tiamat fights in an easy manner, but if you are feeling it quite tough, you should play in a defensive manner.
  4. In first phase, you should try to avoid damage from Tiamat and try to absorb its attack.
  5. Most of Tiamat’s attacks are small range attacks in first phase of fight. So, try to observe its attacking pattern and keep a distance to avoid damage.
  6. Try to get hit on the neck of Tiamat, for maximum attack damage. Actually, as Tiamat has many heads, to give him max damage, we should aim for his head. Therefore, when we focus attack on his neck, it increase the possibility of damaging his maximum heads.
  7. The first phase of this boss fight ends, when you take his half health.
How to defeat Tiamat easily in Stranger of Paradise
Image from Square Enix

Second Phase of Fight

  1. When you enter second phase of fight, Tiamat plays a little more aggressively and you should try to keep a distance from him and his ranged attacks.
  2. In this phase, Tiamat can regenerate his health and his Break Gauge.
  3. The main focus of second phase should be the break gauge of Tiamat. You have to make his break gauge limit to decrease.
  4. For winning in the second phase, again try to attack on Tiamat’s Neck and this time what happens, when you attack on his neck continuously, after some time, his one head gets chopped off. And due to which, his break gauge decreases and its limit also.
  5. If you can use high damage sword or axe attacks on his neck, you may win in less time.
  6. Tiamat can be damaged with AOE attacks and large weapons too. These attacks cause same damage to all his heads at once.
  7. While fighting in second phase, have a check on your break gauge too. Don’t lose it. Tiamat’s attack can consume more than half break gauge.
  8. You may get only 2 or 3 attacks on Tiamat, but it is good to wait for the right moments during the boss fight.
  9. Don’t worry about his health bar, have your focus on his break gauge. Once his break gauge becomes zero, you can give a soul burst and its the end.

I hope you have got a lot of tips to fight your most annoying enemy from Stranger of Paradise. Tiamat may take time but he can be killed easily with these tactics. So enjoy killing the Boss and share your experience with us.

Have a great day.

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