Destiny 2: How to get Grand Overture Exotic weapon Easily

Destiny 2 Witch Queen

The latest major expansion of Destiny 2 called the Witch Queen was released on 22nd February 2022. As you know with any Destiny expansion comes a ton of loot that the players can’t wait to get their hands on and the Witch Queen expansion is no different.

The expansion comes with 14 new exotic weapons, one of them being an LMG missile shooter called the Grand Overture. With so many people showing interest in the weapon, here’s our guide telling you how you can get your hands on the Grand Overture Exotic weapon in Destiny 2: Witch Queen.

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So How Do you Get the Grand Overture

The process of getting Grand Overture is very simple as this exotic weapon is a part of the latest season pass of Destiny 2. The good thing is that even free-to-play players will be able to get this weapon but the requirement to get this weapon is different for free-to-play players.

  • For Players who Purchased the Season Pass
    • If you have purchased the latest season pass then the weapon will be given to you as the level 1 reward of the pass. To get the weapon you simply need to claim it from the season pass.
  • For Free to Play Players
    • If you have not purchased the season 16 pass then you would have to grind to level 35 before the season ends. Upon reaching level 35 you can go to your season pass and claim the weapon from the free rewards.

Exotic Weapon Catalyst 

  • To obtain the exotic weapon catalyst, you will have to go to the tower and talk to Banshee 44 after getting the Grand Overture.
  • You will notice that Banshee will have an exotic quest icon.
  • Interact with Banshee and he will give you the Heavy Does It catalyst which is the exotic weapon catalyst for the Grand Overture.

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