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Destiny 2: How to Level UP Fast (Witch Queen Power Guide)

Destiny 2 was released way back in 2017, and even after so many years, the player base for the game remains vast, making Destiny 2 one of the most popular shooters even going into 2022.

As you know, Destiny is a looter shooter, and one of the main appeals of the game is the grind that players go through for that sweet loot. Keeping this in mind, we are here to tell you how you can increase your power level as fast as possible in the Witch Queen.

Power Levels

Each item you equip in Destiny has a power level associated with it. The average power level of all items equipped by a player determines the current power level of that said player. In simple terms, your character’s power level indicates your strength, as with higher power levels, both your damage output and defense increase. Different activities in Destiny have different power level requirements making many activities unaccessible or almost impossible to complete.

How to Level Up Fast’

Now that you know how essential power levels are, you want to know how you can level up as fast as possible. So here’s the most efficient way to level up in the Witch Queen –

  1. Complete the New Legendary Campaign – Your first focus should be on completing the Witch Queen campaign whgich is the first legendary campaign of Destiny 2. Doing so will reward you with double chest rewards and you can get upto 2-3 chests per mission. Each chest provides you with loot, XP, upgrade modules etc. so they are great for levelling up. If you are able to complete all the missions on legendary you will also get additional rewards too.
  2. Powerful Rewards – To increase your power level massively you will need powerful rewards. Powerful gear can drop as tier 1, tier 2 or tier 3 depending on the activity you decide to run. To obtain these rewards you would have to complete the powerful activities that you will have access to.
  3. Grind Crucible and Strikes – After following the first two steps your power level should already be pretty high, if not you can grind crucible and strikes as they act as additional power sources. You also have high chances to get prime engrams.

I hope this guide helped you ease the grind and better prepared you to take on the next big raid in Destiny 2 season 16.

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