Devour: How to Complete the Farmhouse map Easily (2022)


Devour is a co-op horror game, that does not do a great job explaining how you’re actually supposed to beat the level. The Farmhouse, the first map that is the first map you play when you start Devour, is supposed to be one of the easier and more straightforward levels, but it isn’t.

It does provide the introduction to Devour that you need. So we’re here to guide the confused new players through their first run through the Farmhouse.

Starting Up

devour farmhouse entrance 850x478 2

When you load into the level, you’re spawned in the woods. You need to walk towards the iron gate which does not open. To cross the gate, you need to hop on the barrel on the left and jump across it.

Then you can just follow the road on your right which will lead into the rear of the farmhouse and grab a can of gasoline. Once you’re in the backyard, head further back and you’ll come across an altar.

The Backyard

devour farmhouse backgoat 850x478 1

If you did remember to pick up the gas can, you can press the use button (E) to light the altar up. Once lit, you can go into the shed behind it and grab the key to the cage. Back in the yard you now need to find a cage with goats inside, which you can now unlock.

As soon as you do unlock the cage, the goats inside will run into the farmhouse. Don’t worry this is supposed to happen. You catch them later.

Stockpiling Supplies

devour 0508 3

You’ll find strips of hay all over the outside of the house. We’ll advise you and your team to grab some and put them near the house’s entry. If you can find Medkits too, gather them here as well. Apart from these, you’ll also need to gather gas cans by the burning altar before you start burning the goats.

Doing this really helps out as you don’t have to continuously keep on looking for supplies later, which is particularly hard as the evil entity Anna keeps on getting more agitated the more goats you burn.

The Sacrifices

devour farmhouse altar 850x478 2

Now that you’ve hoarded up a stockpile, it’s time to catch some goats. You can spread out and have a lookout for them inside the house’s rooms. Once you see one, just drop a strip of hay on the ground, which will make the goat stand still and eat on it.

You can now pick it up and carry it to the altar. All you have to do now is just keep on sacrificing these goats while fending off Anna and other demons with the UV light of your flashlight.

Note that when Anna’s eyes are red, however, you need to crouch, turn off your equipment and not make a sound if you can’t run away. This is when Anna’s in hunting mode which keeps on becoming more frequent the more goats you burn.

The last 4 goats are especially hard so be prepared. Once all of the sacrifices are made, the hunting will cease and the level will be completed successfully.

So that’s all you needed to know to beat the first map of Devour. The game does get a bit intense at times, and if you can keep your cool, and well, have read our guide, you can get through the level pretty easily.

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Aditya Mukherjee

Aditya is an ardent PC gamer, game developer and content writer. He covers the upcoming AAA games ranging from multiplayer shooters to story based campaigns. You can always depend on him for the latest on the greatest and the best recommendations that you can get.

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