Devour: How to Complete the Asylum map Easily (2022)

With the addition of the Asylum map in Devour, the game now has the biggest horror map to date, for you to go looking for some cultists performing their usual evil rituals. But some players are branding it as too hard to beat and Molly, the main enemy in this level, is too quick for them and ends up killing them and their squad.

If you’re one of those players struggling to beat this big new map, we’ve got your back. Here’s a quick guide into how you can easily beat the Asylum map.

Finding the Asylum key

You and your crew spawn in the elevator of the map. It leads up to an abandoned facility where you will have to find the main door key into the Asylum. For this you need to be thorough while exploring the area.

There are multiple rooms with only one unlocked door among them, much to your convenience, this one always has the key inside. Once you retrieve it, you can now proceed upstairs to enter into the main asylum.

The Ritual Altar

Once you use the key to enter the Main Hall of the Asylum, take the stairs beside the fireplace on your right, down to the basement.

Here you will find the ritual altar and Molly, a scary lady lying on a bed looking like a corpse. The place does look extremely creepy but fear not, as nothing is going to haunt you. Yet.

Finding Batteries

Now that you’re in the ritual place, you will find several batteries. These batteries will power the electrocuting machine. Look for the fuse box located in the back of the room. This is where you will put the battery by.

However, this is not enough to trigger the machine. You have to pull the start handle found beside Azazel’s statue.

Finding Rats

With the electrocution machine started up, you may now start collecting the important ritual items. In Asylum, like Farmhouse’s goat burning, you have to hunt for rats and electrocute them by placing them on the bed of the electrocution machine.

One easy way to do this is to bait them with food. The rotten food is on plates scattered on the map. When you encounter a rat, throw the plate on the floor, and wait until it comes near it and starts nibbling on it.

You can then grab them by pressing E when prompted. Once you have a rat in your hand, you can place it on the electrocution machine by pressing E again.

Angering Molly

Once you pull the lever and electrocute the rat, Molly should now be angered, basically meaning she entered Hunting mode and will try to go around the whole map to look for you and your friends.

You will have to keep on electrocuting rats until Molly is dead. Note that you will also have to fight wheelchaired demons trying to hunt you too. You can use your handy UV light feature of your flashlight to burn them. Click the right button of your mouse to use the UV. 

And that is it! Once you complete all the rituals the hunting will stop and the level will be over successfully. Now you know how to correctly do the Asylum map in Devour. Good luck on your run!

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Aditya Mukherjee

Aditya is an ardent PC gamer, game developer and content writer. He covers the upcoming AAA games ranging from multiplayer shooters to story based campaigns. You can always depend on him for the latest on the greatest and the best recommendations that you can get.

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