Diablo Immortal Best Class Tier List – Every Class Ranked

Diablo Immortal is an action based MMO RPG game. It is a game set-up between the time – period of two parts Diablo 2 & 3. This is one of the frost game series , where lovers of Diablo game would be able to have the power to play on PC as well as on mobile devices.

Blizzard Entertainment and NetEase developed this game. On 2nd June 2022, it was released for Android & IOS platform alongwith a beta release for Windows OS.

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Class of heroes

There are varied categories of classes in this game: Barbarian, Crusader, Necromancer, Demon Hunter, Wizard and Monk.


Barbarian can be put on the top tier list when seen from the perspective of AoE (Area of Effect) damage, crowd control capability and the toll of damage it takes in team fight. This class is easy for beginners to control, which makes it beginner friendly for close combat melee. On top of that, it also has excellent healing power.

Barbarian Diablo Immortal
Barbarian class


• Crusader on the other hand, has the skill of melee and summoning power to call upon the guardians for blessing and elevate the damage. This is one among the other classes having very fast movement and good mobility.

Crusader Diablo Immortal
Crusader class

Demon Hunter

• Demon hunter is quite hard to control for beginner, so it cannot be beginner friendly. This class has the ranged attack skill while being stationary or moving. Moreover, the Demon hunter depends upon the tank such as Barbarian to get cover during battle. But, if the movement style is mastered perfectly, then the player can do excellent single target as well as AoE damage.

Demon Hunter Diablo Immortal
Demon Hunter


• Monk class is often chosen because of the ability of jumping around to do varieties of fist attacks alongwith the spawning power. This class also does good AoE damage with the varied fist combos. For beginners, it would be a bit harder than the other classes to control and not miss the target.

Monk Diablo Immortal
Monk class


• Necromancer class is compatible for the player who loves to divert the targets attention to the pets and do a lot of damage during that instant. This class is good for crowd control and has excellent AoE damage. Necromancer also does better in single target damage.

Necromancer Diablo Immortal
Necromancer class


• Wizard is not a good choice during solo battle but the AoE damage it does is wonderous. This class requires too much of practice in order to learn the art of doing combo spells with stun to the target.

Wizard Diablo Immortal
Wizard class

For Solo battles, the Barbarian could be considered superior. But, the Necromancer and Demon hunter class also do not fall behind in case of solo fight. Crusader and Wizard class might be good at PvP team fights but they could also be considered best in AoE damage and crowd control. Finally, it depends upon the player who chooses the class keeping in mind, the ability of each of the classes.

You could have a watch at the below youtube videos that are very detailed and would make you understand about the various aspects of each of the hero class besides they fall on the different tier list.

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