Diablo: Immortal How to Check and Increase Combat Rating?

The Combat Rating for someone new to the game is one of the most important and confusing stats in Diablo Immortal. So, to make that process a lot easier here’s what that stat means and how you can raise it using the quickest possible methods.

What is Combat Rating ?

To explain it to you in the simplest format possible, combat rating in Diablo: Immortal is mainly the method or scale used by the game to decide weather or not your virtual character is suitable and worthy enough to face/witness against a certain type of content. For example: you might run into a raid or similar piece of late-game content that requires your character to be at or above a certain Combat Rating threshold. If you are below that required rating, you won’t be able to participate in that content until you raise it. 

You should mainly keep in your mind that our Combat Rating is mostly a content gate. So, you might actually be able to deal enough damage to effectively contribute during a certain piece of PvE content, but if the game says your rating isn’t high enough, it will treat your character as if they’re too weak to participate. Just like a “too young to drink sign”. It can be helpful in preventing you from getting overwhelmed, but there are times when the cutoff can feel a bit arbitrary. This shall be discussed in later parts of the article.

How can we check combat rating in-game ?

Despite of being soo important, it can be really hard to find out the combat rating in Diablo: Immortal since it is almost buried under a pile of other different stats. To check your initial Combat Rating in Diablo Immortal, simply go to the Attributes section of the Inventory menu, shown on the bottom left-hand side. Once done, click on “More Attributes,” and you’ll be able to check your Combat Rating at the top of the “Secondary Attributes” section.

combat rating diablo immortal

However, there is also another way(if this one sounds complex to you). It can be done by checking your Codex, under the Conquest Tab. In the World section, the first large picture shows your current Combat Rating, as well as your next goal (be sure to check back often as you increase your gear to get rewarded for meeting certain milestones with an influx of Hilts). There’s also a secondary PvP Combat Rating under the Player vs Player tab that tracks your total Life and Damage output.

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According to the game developers, a Combat Rating of around 2000 will seemingly allow you to complete nearly all of the content in the game. However, you’re likely going to go through most of your Diablo Immortal journey with a Combat Rating that is substantially lower than that figure. That’s because it turns out that it’s surprisingly difficult to raise your rating past a certain threshold. 

How can we raise our combat rating (quickest and fastest way) ?

Broadly there are numerous ways to raise the combat rating, and every small step you take has some effect on it. However to summarise it up, the following methods can be used to increase your combat rating:-

  • Gear Rarity
  • Gear Upgrades
  • Types of gems equipped
  • Charms
  • Helliquary of your character
  • Shadow Ranks
  • Legacy of Horadrim
  • Paragon Levels

Gear Rarity

The rarity of your gear is probably the simplest factor to understand. The more pieces of Magic, Rare, or Legendary gear you have equipped, the higher your Combat Rating. A character with Legendary Gear in every slot will have a better Combat Rating than someone with only a few pieces of Legendary Gear, and even a few pieces of higher-end gear will raise your overall rating. 

Even the same type of gear can have different variations – some may boost three different attributes, or bolster 2 different attributes with better numbers, and you should always equip these ones. You can get gear by doing pretty much anything in Diablo Immortal – questing, doing the story, raiding, doing events, rifts, and more!

diablo immortal legendary gems runes

Gear Upgrades

Almost as important as the gear is how often you upgrade it. each blacksmith you talk to will salvage unwanted gear into scraps, dust, and eventually glowing shards – and you can use these materials along with gold to upgrade your gear to increase your attributes (which affects Combat Rating), and these upgrades can then be transferred as you find better base gear. By level 60 you’ll be able to upgrade your gear to a max of level 6, and as you increase Paragon Levels to go from “Hell 1” difficulty to “Hell 2” and beyond, you’ll get more ranks to increase your gear by.

To get Scrap Materials, you need simply salvage armor or get them as Battle Pass Rewards (or even bought in small amounts from the Hilts Trader). Enchanted Dust can be earned from salvaging rare items, or undertaking side quests that can pop up in every zone. Glowing Shards are much more rare as you’ll need to salvage excess legendries or earn better rewards from dungeons.

diablo immortal blacksmith upgrade

Types of Gems equipped

The quality of your equipped gems can also be a problem. As it is a well know fact that diablo due to its huge amounts of microtransactions can take a lot of time and money to get the perfect viable gem set for your character. While some gems are better than no gems, some of the best Legendary Gems in Diablo Immortal can substantially increase your Combat Rating. If you just can’t seem to find the absolute best Legendary Gems, though, be sure to upgrade the gems you do find in order to keep your Combat Rating high. 

Yet incase of normal gems, you can also upgrade the quality of the gems by combining 3 of the same type to get a better rarity, which will in turn bolster its effects. They are most easily gained by searching for Hidden Lairs that appear periodically in every zone each day, until you hit the daily cap and no longer get Normal Gems for completing the tasks (and secondary tasks) in the Hidden Lairs.

While incase of legendary gems, you can find these randomly while running Elder Rifts – though using the incredibly rare Legendary Crests which will give you a random low tier Legendary Gem. Many can also be crafted at the Gems Trader in exchange for Runes you can also find in Rifts. Aside from Rifts, Crafting, and Battle Pass Rewards, Legendary Gems are also sometimes sold by the Hilts Trader, and these can also be upgraded like Normal Gems, though you’ll need to use a combination of Gem Fragments and unwanted Legendary Gems to power up your existing ones.

86674 2 diablo immortal legendary gem drop rates revealed


A simple yet effective item, Charms can be gained as rewards and equipped at Level 56 to slightly increase the power of your skills, earning you a small bit of Combat Rating in the process. Charms are rewarded by completing your daily Battle Passes, and also sometimes sold from the Hilts Trader.

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Helliquary of your character

 A little later into your Diablo Immortal journey, you’ll gain access to a kind of hub called a Helliquary that offers a variety of objectives and missions. Complete those objectives, and you’ll unlock various modifiers (and new gear) that will eventually enhance your Combat Rating.

You can also defeat raid bosses and turn in their trophies for high-value Helliquary unlocks, but that’s kind of a Catch. After all, you need a high Combat Rating to access those raids, and those raids can improve your Combat Rating. Once you get your foot into the raiding door, though, it tends to be a little easier to raise your Combat Rating than it was before.

Shadow Ranks

By becoming a member of The Shadows, you’ll be able to increase your rank and standing with the PvP Faction, which will reward you with each rank by increasing your damage and health output up to a certain limit.

Rank Increase Diablo Immortal 1024x454 1

Legacy of Horadrim

The Legacy of the Horadrim allows you to continually improve your character by finding vessels and then increasing various aspects – including Life, Damage, Armor, Armor Penetration, Resistance, and Potency. To do so you’ll need to complete Challenge Rift 10 to start, and be high enough level (49) to access Iben Fahd’s sanctum.

The first of the Vessels is rewarded at Level 10 Challenge Rift, but the rest you’ll need to get by undertaking the various world bosses that can spawn in each zone. By finding Aspirant’s Keys in a variety of ways (Shadow Assembly, Sanctum enemies, Battle Pass rewards, etc), you can loot the chests at the end of the sanctum each day to get more materials to increase these stats, and your Combat Rating.

Diablo Immortal Legacy Of Horadrim

Paragon Levels

The final leg of your journey for power doesn’t stop at Level 60. You’ll be able to keep leveling up into Paragon levels, and doing so will not only increase your Combat Rating overall, but you’ll be able to access unique Paragon skill trees to further your skills and abilities.

diablo immortal paragon 1

From a general perspective, at one point it will be more about farming materials and gear rather than ranking up your character to boost you overall combat score and give you an edge over others. Plus it’ll enable the additional accessible content also. So follow the guide given above and you shall be good to go.

If the article was helpful then don’t forget to share your thoughts to us.

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