Diablo Immortal: How to Level Up Fast | XP Farming Guide

The game: Diablo Immortal is one of the series packed up with unique features in the ‘Diablo universe. ‘Diablo Immortal’ is unique from the previous series of the game since the developer especially created this to be compatible with mobile devices.

This game series would reveal the stories between the events of ‘Diablo 2- Lord of destruction and ‘Diablo 3’, which makes this very interesting. Here, you would be able to learn how to level up and gain XP quickly in this game.

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In Diablo Immortal, there are a few things to remember when levelling up. In the initial stages, it is relatively easy to gain XP and upgrade your character but as you level up one by one, it becomes tougher to farm XP. Look at some strategies for levelling up and gaining more XP at a faster rate.

• The rapid way to claim XP is by being engaged in completing tasks such as finishing off the monsters, quests and side missions, which will eventually earn you enough XP to level up.

Battle Pass through world map missions
Rewards for Finishing Tasks

• Elevate your kill streak to claim additional XP.

• Use your AoE (Area of Effect) attacks. This is the fastest way to kill when surrounded by hordes of enemies and farm XP. Moreover, killing foes in a group earns you more XP than a single target.

• Complete the campaign missions on the open-world map. This will grant you XP as well as priceless stones for upgrading your equipment.

• To earn XP, farm monster essence and complete bestiary entries. It would not only grant you XP but also give you legendary rewards.

Essence and its inheritance to upgrade weapons_Diablo immortal
Use of Essence

• An excellent way to farm XP on a daily basis is by participating in the ‘Bounty’ missions, which gives you 8 bounties daily. Completing the bounties would earn you a lot of XP.

• Complete the dungeon raids and ‘Elder Portal’ assignments, which is an excellent way to advance. The ‘Dungeons’ provide more XP than the ‘Elder Portals’. Both provide enough resources to level up and earn points for your ‘Battle Pass’.

• Keep an eye on your Codex objectives since it has its own set of side tasks. For extra XP and ‘Battle Pass’ points, you should complete them for rewards.

• Every first kill of the day would grant XP, legendary equipment and jewels. Equip the great gears and stuff, which would help you do damage to the foes more effectively leading to more XP gain.

Equipments upgradation Diablo immortal
Levelling up Equipments
Socket Gems Diablo immortal
Socket gemstone to enhance battle equipments

• Each of the class of heroes owns a set of skills that are optimal for levelling up. Unlock the ‘Mobility skill’ and you’ll be able to upgrade more quickly. To elevate your skills, check and upgrade the relevant skills.

• It is preferable to preserve your ‘Battle points’ for later as they scale with your level. You will eventually run out of points, at which time you can utilize your accumulated ‘Battle Points’ to level up.

• Players who purchase eternal orbs or the empowered battle pass makes much quicker progress than free-to-play players.

Battle Pass Services_Diablo immortal

• Keep your ‘Auto pick up’ settings turned on because it might be very helpful in case you miss to pick up any rare items or other items that could be useful to earn XP during battles and also level up.

all items pick up setting_Diablo immortal
Auto pick up setting

These are the different methods. Hope you like the explanation. For more such information, keep in touch. Watch the below videos from youtube channels for more details.

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