Dinkum: How To Get Palm Wood


Dinkum requires its players to acquire a variety of materials for building and crafting. This guide will help you find Palm Wood. Palm wood is a resource player will need to make things easier for them during their adventures in the Australian outback.

While they are present in several locations, some players are confused about where to get these materials. The resource isn’t particularly the easiest to find and this guide will help you where to look.

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Location of Palm Wood

  • Palm Wood tends to grow in the tropical biomes closer to the ocean and can be found northeast, closer to the coast. The tropics are marked by a bright green area for the ease of players and cater to a lively fauna and a journey here could be dangerous, so prepare for predators and equip yourself to cross water bodies.
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  • Look out for greener areas on the mini-map as you explore. Be sure to take an Axe along which can be acquired from an NPC named ‘John’, which will require 1200 Dinks so make sure you have enough with you, a Logging License which will cost you 250 permit points and can be acquired from Fletch and plenty of bag storage to put your haul in. When you have the prerequisites, you can start gathering Palm Wood as easy as anything. As you strike a couple of times, it will drop a Palm seed and Palm Wood, the palm seeds can be used to grow more Palm trees.

Once you collect enough Palmwood, you can use the Table Saw to process it into palm wood planks which can be used to make handy items like a Wooden Crate to store your stuff, fences and other structures and tools.

Dinkum is available in Early Access on PC.

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