Disney Dreamlight Valley: How To Enable Cloud Save

Disney Dreamlight Valley is a new life-simulator adventure game, both Developed and Published by Gameloft. Released on 6th September 2022 for the Xbox, PlayStation, Switch, and PC, this game gives its players an exploration to embark with their favorite characters from Disney and Pixar movies. Heroes and Villains from all over the Disney universe form new stories to uncover and the perfect neighborhood for the gamers.

Dreamlight Valley used to be a utopia for the Disney and Pixar heroes, harmony and peace were omnipresent before the Forgetting. The residents of Dreamlight Valley rushed to Dream Castle in a hopeless fit. Night Thorns consumed what was once a dreamy land.

Now it’s up to you to discover the stories of this world and bring the magic back to Dreamlight Valley. Cloud Saves is an industry standard in the gaming ecosystem. They are beneficial for gamers as they can log in to their accounts from multiple sources. In this article, we will discuss how to enable Cloud Save for Disney Dreamlight Valley. For more such content regarding game guides or tutorials, make sure to visit our Guides Tab.

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How to Enable Cloud Save

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Cloud Saves are save game files that are stored on the Cloud(Servers) of the game developers. Here is how to enable Cloud Save:

  • Open up the Game
  • Select Cloud Save below New Game
  • Create a Disney Dreamlight Valley Account
  • Now, this account may be used on any platform to play with your character
  • This method saves the problem of manual save games or storage issues

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