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How To Download And Play Battlefield Mobile APK (Any Device)

Battlefield is out for android devices. Battlefield mobile features similar series of modes and maps as per the pc version and some new content. This game is provided by electronics arts and the size may vary from devices to devices.

In this guide we will talk about the features of the game and how you can easily download the battlefield mobile APK and play on your favorite device and enjoy the pc battlefield experience on your device.

Features of Battlefield Mobile :

battlefield mobile apk

Battlefield mobile features various modes it is known for. This game is totally awesome and with the time period this game is going to evolve in one of the famous fps shooter that are popular right now.


Experience a similar wild thing wild  and explosive spectacles Battlefield is known for. Run a collapsing tower on your ATV, parachute off a building whereas firing a launcher, or bury your enemies below the detritus of a building you destroyed along with your tank. Each match is lingering.


Experience strategic play unequaled in different first-person shooter games through every map and mode. Assault, Support, Medic, or Recon – you select your category.

Build your custom loadout from a huge collection: Weapons, class-specific gadgets, and more. Your most powerful weapon is that the category and loadout that suits your personal play vogue.

Endless strategic potential:

  • TACTICAL: Go on foot for tactical agility.
  • DESTROY: Commandeer an ATV for explosive speed.
  • STEALTH: Kill stealthily with melee weapons.
  • WAR TANKS: Conduct a shock-and-awe campaign in an armored tank.
  • SANDBOX: Your sandbox, your rules. Battle in land, sea and air.


Squad up in field Mobile. You and your crew can press the assault on maps and modes each new and acquainted. Build a loadout of authentic weapons and gadgets. Fight for management of powerful vehicles like tanks and ATVs.

Destroy the sphere of battle with large-scale environmental destruction. Combat talents square measure continuously growing granting you the capability for mass warfare.

How To Download :

battlefield mobile apk lobby

Make sure you follow all the steps through which you can easily download and play and enjoy the game. Download links will be provided below click on the link to open another link and download it.

Steps to download:

  • Click on this link for APK download.
  • Download the APK file provided.
  • Open the APK file and install it.
  • You will get an icon on your phones.
  • Click on this icon and the APK will launch.
  • It will download about 500mb of data.
  • Finally, your game launches and you are ready to play.

For further update check battlefield mobile on Google playstore through this link.

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