How to Download & Play Squad Battle BR For Free (Guide)

Squad Battle is a fun, fast-paced close-quarters combat game BR. Use diverse weapon combinations and augmentations to tailor your battle style. It’s a new team-based Battle Royale currently in development and available for early access.

If you are one of the people who like to test out a new game and provide their feedback to developers then you might be of help, You can download this game right now and help the developers by providing your feedback.

Basic Fundamentals of Squad Battle BR

The game features a unique art style and a large roster of heroes to play with. It’s also focused on both melee and ranged combat and gives players a variety of skills that they can use to boost their combat. Another unique feature of the game is that it allows players to interact with the game world by moving around quickly or jumping on a jump pad.

  • A Huge List of Heros.
  • Full Arsenal.
  • 60 Player Mode.
  • A lot of upgrades and game tactics.
  • Strategic Gameplay and you can interact with in-game objects.

All Heros List in Squad Battle BR

Currently, there are 6 heroes that we were able to see in the gameplay footage provided by the developers. All of them are mentioned below.

  • Gideon
  • June
  • Walter
  • Aida
  • Renee
  • Kaija

How to Download or Pre-register Squad Battle BR for free

squad battle download
  1. First visit the steam link mentioned.
  2. After that sign-in via your steam account.
  3. Now Scroll down and you will see a button “Request Access”.
  4. Wait for a few hours and you will be able to enter the game.

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