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Dying Light 2: Unlock All Safes (Locations & Combinations)

Dying Light 2 Unlock All Safes (Locations & Combinations)

In this guide, we will tell all the safe locations and their combinations that are used in Dying Light 2. You can easily unlock these safes by the code given below for each section or for each safe.

Scavenging for items and consumables in Dying Light 2 is a worthwhile task. All over the map of Villedore are a few secret places that have secure safes. These safes contain valuable items like explosives, equipment, and consumables like inhibitors which increases your character’s health and stamina rating.

To unlock these safes you need the correct lock combinations. These combinations can be found written in notes or you have to complete a certain quest. Alternatively, you can read this guide to learn the location and the combinations of safes in Dying Light 2 without any hassle. compress image 2
Safe with Biomarker in Dying Light 2.

Location and combination of safe in Nightrunner’s Hideout.

Nightrunners hideout safe
Safe in Nightrunner’s Hideout.
  • Nightrunner’s Hideout is a clock tower in the northern Houndfield region.
  • The safe is located on the counter on the ground floor.
  • The safe contains an inhibitor that will boost your character’s health and stamina.
  • The combination for the safe is 101.

Location and combination of safe in Saint Joseph Hospital compress image 4
Saint Joseph Hospital Location.
  • Saint Joseph Hospital is located in the same area as Nightrunner’s Hideout.
  • To get the location marker that will guide you to the safe you need to start a quest called ‘The First Biomarker’.
  • Start this quest by talking to McGregor at a trading post in the Houndfield region. The combination to the safe is 973.
  • This safe contains a biomarker that shows you the degree of infection in your character’s body.

Location and combination of safe near Downtown area compress image 6
Downtown Area in Dying Light 2.
  • There is a bandit camp protected by thugs in the Downtown area.
  • Climb up the building with airdrop on it and face the bandit camp.
  • If you are facing the right direction you will see a window with a yellow winch beside it.
  • The safe is located inside the room with the window.
  • The safe contains an inhibitor that boosts your character’s stats.
  • The combination to the safe is 313.

Location and combination of safe in Muddy Grounds water tower compress image 5
Water Tower Location.
  • The safe is located underwater in the flooded basement of the Muddy Grounds water tower.
  • The safe contains valuable explosives which can deal a lot of damage to enemies.
  • The combination to the safe is 032167.

Location and combination of safe in Garrison Electrical station

Dying Light 2 Garrison Electrical Station Broadcast mission guide 800x400 1
Garrison Electrical Station.
  • The safe in Garrison Electrical Station is located on top of a console.
  • This console is locked in section C of the Electrical Station.
  • You will have to start the “Broadcast Quest” to find this safe.
  • While doing this quest you have to power up the door of section C by connecting a wire to it.
  • This safe contains an inhibitor.
  • The combination to the safe is 314.

Location and combination of safe in Horseshoe water tower

Location and combination of safe in Horseshoe water tower
  • Start the “Moonshine Quest” by talking to Jack and Joe.
  • You can find Jack and Joe in captivity inside the Main Terminal Station.
  • This quest will give you the location marker to the Horseshoe water tower.
  • The safe is located inside a locked room.
  • The safe can be opened with the combination 1492.
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