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Dying Light 2: Infinite Money & Equipment Duplication Glitch

Dying Light 2 Infinite Money & Equipment Duplication Glitch

In this guide, we will tell how you can get the infinite money and item/equipment duplication glitch in dying light 2. This way you can farm more items easily and help you get going easily. Try it out before it gets fixed.

Dying Light 2 has just been released and players are already finding ways to break the game. This is our guide explaining what is the duplication glitch and how you can do it to have unlimited money in a very short time.

What is the Duplication Exploit?

Duplication exploit is basically a process where players are able to use their equipment multiple times using save files to earn extraordinary amounts of money in a very short period of time.

It usually takes hundreds of hours of grinding to earn 1 million currency using the normal methods however with this duplication exploit you can earn this sum in about an hour. Earning 1 million currency is also tied with achievement so avid achievements hunters can use this now to earn it early.

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How to Perform the Duplication Exploit and get Infinite Money

The downside to performing this glitch is that it can only be done online. This can be done with an online co-op partner or solo if you have a second device. Once you get your partner you would need an item preferably of high value so that it can be sold for a higher price. Once you have these things it is really easy to perform this glitch. Here’s how you do it..

  1. Creat a backup save file – Before you start doing anything else you need to create a save file where you have your item in your inventory.
  2. Give an item of high value to your co op companion – You have to give the selected item you want to duplicate to your co-op partner, dont worry you will get your precious loot back.
  3. Boot your old save file – after this you need to restore the old save file you created in step one. This is a save file where you still have the item that you gave away to your partner. Now the item has already been duplicated as both you and your companion possess the item which were obtained from a single item.
  4. Repeat and fill inventory – You can repeat this process till your companion’s inventory gets full or stop whenever you want, it really depends how much money you need.
  5. Take all items back from the co-op partner – You would have to take the inventory back in order to earn money. This process is not time consuming so the same can be repeated for the second player relatively quickly if you want.
  6. Creat another save file – After you have an inventory full of duplicated valuable items it is advisable that you create another save file.
  7. Sell the items at merchant – The last step is to sell all those items to the merchant and just like that you would have a huge amount of money depending on the value of the item.

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