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How To Get the Finger Gun in Dying Light 2 Easily (Guide)

Finger Gun in Dying Light 2.

Dying Light 2 is a newly released open-world zombie game. Killing zombies and free-running over rooftops, and vaulting over obstacles is the main attraction of Dying Light 2. The other aspect of Dying Light 2 that enchants gamers is the unique weapons.

One such example of a unique weapon is the “Left Finger of Glova.” This bizarre weapon is the hand of the character in the shape of a gun. Although this gun looks funny, it packs a punch. It can one-shot most zombies and will surely make your game easy and comical.

Location of the “Finger Gun” in Dying Light 2

The blueprint location of “Left Finger of Glova” can be found in the tower southwest of the VNC tower. This smaller tower has a military airdrop on it. To get to this smaller tower, you will have to climb to the rooftop of the VNC tower. You can do so by taking the elevator inside the VNC tower.

VNC tower Location.
The tower is southwest of the VNC Tower.

After reaching the top of the VNC tower, looking southwest to the smaller tower, jump and parachute down on the rooftop of the smaller tower.

Parachuting to the smaller tower.
Parachuting to the smaller tower.

Now you have to connect a cable to the power node on the rooftop. Keep connecting the cables as you rappel down the floors to power up the door leading to the blueprint chamber.

Rapelling down the smaller tower.
Rappelling down the smaller tower.

After you have connected all the cables, you will be able to open the secure door. Kill the zombies in the corridor and head inside. There will be a room to the right with a red neon sign saying “Pub.” Adjacent to the side will be a bed. Rest on the bed.

The room next to Pub.
The room with the blueprint.

After sitting on the bed, a few bizarre events will take place. The room will fill up with teddy bears of various sizes. These soft toys will manifest out of thin air and spark with electricity. The Techland poster in front of the bed will change to a neon poster with “Techland” written on it. The blueprint of the Finger Gun will appear under the poster.

The Techland poster with the blueprint under it.

Crafting the “Finger Gun” in Dying Light 2.

The Finger Gun can be crafted after you have acquired the blueprint. The Finger Gun does not require different types of materials to craft. You will need around 370 scraps to craft the gun. Scavenge the open world to find scraps. After crafting the gun, you can equip it to blow away zombies and kill them with one shot.

Finger Gun Of Glova Blueprint.
Finger Gun Of Glova Blueprint.

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