Dying Light 2: How to Heal Guide

The latest installment in Dying Light 2 has been released, and it’s more immersive and action-packed than its predecessor. The parkour system has been dramatically improved along with the day and night cycle. For hardcore fans of the zombie genre, Dying Light 2 is a must-play.

The post-apocalyptic world of Dying Light 2 is filled with dangers and the undead. You have come to the right place if you want to know how to heal your character.

Types of Consumables that can Heal Aiden.

Dying Light 2 has several types of consumables which can heal your character, Aiden. They are Medicine, Military Medkits, and Health Regeneration Boosters. Military Medkits can be bought from vendors or scavenged. Health Generation Boosters will upgrade your health and can be crafted.

Types of Consumables that can Heal Aiden.
Military Medkit.

Crafting & Using Medicine to Heal.

Crafting medicine in Dying Light 2 requires two key ingredients. Honey and Chamomile.

Crafting & Using Medicine to Heal.
Crafting & Using Medicine to Heal.

These can be found in various places throughout the world. They can be obtained in the tutorial itself. After gathering these ingredients, open up the inventory. Hold the Left Mouse Button on the Medicine Blueprint to craft the medicine.

How to heal dying light 2

After crafting the Medicine consumable press and hold H to heal your character.

Location Of Military Medkits.

Military Medkits can be bought from vendors. But finding a vendor selling military medkits can prove to be complicated. You will have better luck finding military medkits out in the open world if you scavenge quarantine buildings, loot airdrops from the military, and picklock chests are hidden in random and various locations of the world.

Bonus Tip for Healing.

You can heal your character if you go to sleep in a bed in Dying Light 2. These beds can be found in unlocked outposts. Dying Light’s world is a dangerous place, and you will undoubtedly get hurt. So do not forget to sleep and recover your health before venturing out to kill zombies.

Bonus Tip for Healing.
Outpost Bed in Dying Light 2.

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