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Dying Light 2 Lockpicking Guide

dying light 2 lockpicking guide

The highly anticipated release of Dying light 2, a survival horror role-playing game, and the sequel to the beloved Dying Light is just around the corner. With lockpicking being so significant in the original game, we know that knowing a few essential tips in the sequel will help you get through the horrors of the game. So here is our guide to lockpicking in Dying Light 2 Stay Human.

Why you need to lockpick?

Lockpicking is an essential part of the series and is necessary to get through the game as various crucial items and loot are tied to the lockpicking mechanic in the game. Lockpicking is also used to open various doorways that can improve your game experience significantly.

Ornate Chest 2

How to Craft and Upgrade your lockpicks

Crafting lockpicks is a fairly easy task as you can create up to 3 lockpicks with just 5 scraps which is a very common resource found throughout the game.

For the upgradation of your lockpicks, however, you will have to progress through the game till you have the access to craft master NPC.

The craftmaster is a new addition in the sequel who can be used to upgrade various tools and equipment throughout the game.

Upgrades at the beginning can be a little underwhelming with starting levels just improving the durability of the lockpicks however once you have upgraded your lockpicks to higher levels, you can fully unlock a chest or doorway by just holding a button.

But how do you lockpick in dying light 2?

The lockpicking system is quite similar to the previous game as the same minigame in the first game can be found in the sequel. The minigame is basically a process of trial and error where you have to rotate the stick and the screwdriver till you get to the right spot.

If you gently move the stick and screwdriver till you find that spot, lockpicking should not be difficult but make sure to not move them too quickly as that will surely lead to the breaking of your lockpick and you’ll have to use another one. Be patient and make sure to upgrade your lockpicks whenever you can.

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