Dying Light 2 UNLIMITED Parkour XP Glitch (Guide 2022)

Now that the much-awaited Dying Light 2 is released, social media sites are already filled with gamers posting about their smooth parkour clips in the game. However, the game does not start off with a fluid parkour system.

Instead, you spawn with pretty barebones moves to perform while parkouring. Since the game now has a well-designed separate Parkour Skill Tree, you need to collect enough points to unlock abilities that you can perform in the open world while parkouring off of buildings.

So to enjoy the game’s brilliant dynamic parkour system to the fullest, and experience what you’re watching other people do online, you need an easy way to upgrade your skills quickly. Today we are showing you how to do exactly that, as using this exploit is the fastest way to rank up in Dying Light 2.

With this glitch, you should be able to unlock a new Parkour Skill every 20minutes or so. First of all, you will have to unlock the Far Jump skill from the Parkour Skills Tree for this exploit to work.

Once you gather enough points and do that, you need to this spot called the Horseshoe on the map, as shown in the image below.

Dying Light 2 UNLIMITED Parkour XP Glitch Exploit Max Level Parkour Points Farm 0 53 screenshot compressed

When you reach this spot, look for two buildings of similar heights close to each other and get on one of its roofs. You can now jump from one building to another, and keep repeating this process until you gain your desired amount of points. This is the fastest way to farm Parkour Points in Dying Light 2.

Dying Light 2 UNLIMITED Parkour XP Glitch Exploit Max Level Parkour Points Farm 1 26 screenshot compressed

So that is it, performing this simple routine of parkouring from one rooftop to the other, gets you a ton of Parkour Points, which you can now use to unlock new Perks and parkour moves.

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