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Dying Light 2 Stay Human: Crack Status – Will It Crack?

With any big release in the gaming industry comes the question of how long till the game gets cracked or will it be cracked. So here’s our take on whether the game will have a crack or not?

Dying Light 2: Stay Human, one of the best survival horror games with action gameplay, is now available to play. The game, which is highly recommended to play and is available on all platforms, is finally here.

Single Player Offline Crack Status

The offline version of the game is highly likely to get pirated on launch as the track record of Techland, the developers of the game are not very great regarding the piracy of their games.

The first Dying light game and the Dead Island games all had available pirated versions of the games on release so looking at the past it is highly likely that pirates will be able to play Dying Light 2 at release.

But the inclusion of anti-piracy measures such as Denuvo DRM may cause various delays in cracking the game. Many players are unhappy with such measures as they have not been consistently successful at preventing piracy and are known to cause hardware issues that negatively impact the players.

Even with the best attempts by the devs some players on the jailbreak ps4 have already started playing Dying Light 2 before the official release of the game.

Developers on the leak of retail copies before the official release

Online CO-OP Crack Status

An online crack however is an entirely different story. Not many games get a working online crack in their entire lifecycles and even if an online crack is released it is usually after some time of the release.

The possibility of a working online crack on launch is slim to none however there is always a possibility. With Dying Light being such a co-op-focused series it is safe to say that players excited about the game will have to buy it in order to play with their friends and have a blast enjoying the world of Dying Light 2.


        • due to denuvo it will take around 75 days bruh dont click on anylinke rn or you wil get a virus fitgirl is the safest bet they prob will take around 75 days

          • true. just wait until fitgirl cracks the game. it’ll probably take around a couple of months but it’s worth the wait as it’s always guaranteed to be a safe download. she has a great reputation.

          • “fitgirl cracks the game”. This is so I can EDUCATE some wrong infos about people’s comments here. Fitgirl IS A REPACKER ONLY. Thats why she is dubbed as ‘fitgirl repacks’. Because she repacks cracked games to smaller archived files so it doesn’t take too much space on our storage drives. Crackers like skidrow, reloaded, empress, CPY, codex is the ONES WHO CRACKS games. Latest games right now has security called DENUVO which prevents crackers from cracking the game thus making it free to play for us. Since DENUVO’s security is getting harder day and day. Right now, the only one keeping up to DENUVO’s security is 0xEMPRESS, which was famous to be the one who firstly cracked Red Dead Redemption 2, Watch Dogs Legion, Assassins’ Creed Valhalla, Resident Evil Village and more. Crackers also dont have websites because thats illegal, only repackers like fitgirl has websites to post their repacks on that said site, thus, it is more safe to use repacks for us like fitgirl since they post their own stuff their on their webasite.

    • Still no update on the crack? The game has been out for over a month now, surely the DRM is not that difficult to circumvent given we know what we are dealing with (Denuvo)

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