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Dying Light 2: XP Farm Guide (Increase Experience Points)

Dying Light 2: Stay Human is ready to play now, which is one of the Best survival, Horror game based on action gameplay. The game is finally here, which is highly recommended to play and is available on all Platforms.

If you are looking for the best ways to XP Farm in Dying light 2, check out this Guide Post. This post will explain XP Farm methods for the types of Experience points in this game.

XP Farming in Dying Light 2: Stay Human

Dying light 2 has three types of XP farm progress systems: Combat, Parkour, and Character Progression. They all differ and can be improved by doing some small tasks or finding an item in the game, which will reward you XP’s.

Before Moving to the Rest of the steps for XP farming, you must keep this clear in mind that you will be levelling up these three things, which are –

  • Combat
  • Parkour
  • Character Progression

All of these play an important role in levelling up yourself in the game, so we will be explaining all of the ways to gain XP fast, including all these three.

How to Gain XP fast In Dying Light 2

Now, after you know the XP progression system in the game, here are some steps to gain XP fast and efficiently. Follow this guide to get the fastest XP in the game –

Complete side Quests

This is one of the easiest methods to get Experience in the game. You need to complete the side quests by doing the main missions. If you do these side missions properly, you will be rewarded with Experience.

However it may be a slow grind, you can also make more EXP’s during side quests; one of the most effective ways is scavenging inhibitors, which can be found easily in the GRE Quarantine Buildings.

Unlocking the Windmills

If you are already ahead in the Story Mode, this method can be the best way to get more XP by visiting and unlocking the Windmills in the game. Just by Activating the Windmills, you will get lots of Experience.

So, Once you have found and unlocked one, you will get around 3000 to 4000 EXP based on your character activity and rank.

Unlock Metro Stations

Another Fastest way to gain Experience is finding and activating the Metro Stations. After you play the game further, you will see the metro station icon and the name, quickly finding that.

You will Earn lots of Combat Points and Combat Experience just by Unlocking and Activating the metro stations, rather than killing zombies usually. Unlocking this will also benefit you from fast travelling, a bonus point.

Go for GRE Anomalies

You can Complete the GRE Anomalies, in addition, to getting more XP. These are the Powerful and Most Infected Areas divided that you can look in the Map with a Skull and the half-moon symbol, with some special Zombies, Bosses called Revenants.

These Infected Zombies cover a specific area, Make sure to visit the site at Night, as the Boss Zombie will be not available at Night.

After you Kill the Revenant, a military container will open Up. This will allow you to loot Inhibitors, As overall, you will get lots of XP’s by doing this step.

Clear and Save Bandit Camps

You can also Find some Bandit Camps on the Map. Once you find out, you can clear that area and make it a safe place. By doing this, you will get some Free EXP’s.

Clearing the Bandit Camps will give you Combat Points and Experience, So make sure to do this after doing all other steps above. You will also get some weapons, outfits, and more with the XP.

Start Chase During the Night time

Chasing in the Night is one of the Best Methods yet the Hardest. The Good part of this one is that it will give you lots and lots of XP, which will improve your Combat Points and Parkour Points.

The Longer you go with the Chase, the more your XP will be multiplied. Also, the Difficulty level will increase. As long as you do not escape from the Chase and Enter the safe house, the Chase will Continue.

So, Make sure only to start the Chase and get XP’s only if you are well experienced and have some good weapons to kill the zombies. If you feel you cannot chase anymore, you can End up the Chase quickly.


That was all about XP Farming in Dying light 2, Hope this one helps a little bit for getting all the three progression systems levelled up quickly. If you are a beginner, stick with the basic steps, which will be helpful.

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