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Elden Ring: All Best Builds for Each Class (Complete Guide)

Elden Ring, the brainchild of Hidetaka Miyazaki and George RR Martin, has just been released. Contrary to popular belief, this is not just a Dark Soul clone set in an open world. This new game introduces a lot of different game mechanics and systems to the Dark soul template. The most obvious game system is Elden Ring being open world.

The released game is quite different from the game played by thousands in the beta network test. There are new classes, and their names and statistics have been changed. To learn how to best build your character from scratch, follow this helpful guide.

Elden Ring All Classes.

There are a total of 10 different and unique classes in Elden Ring. Each class presents the player with a unique option to play the game. The 10 classes of Elden Ring are listed below.

  • Astrologer.
  • Bandit.
  • Confessor.
  • Hero.
  • Prisoner.
  • Prophet.
  • Samurai.
  • Vagabond.
  • Warrior.
  • Wretch.

The best Character Build for each class in Elden Ring.

Astrologer Build

Anyone who has experience with fantasy RPG games can tell it’s a mage class by the appearance of the Astrologer. The Astrologer can be a powerful beginner class with its ranged spellcasting ability. The Astrologer has the highest “Intelligence” and “Mind” perk rating. The “Intelligence” will decide the magic strength of your character. The “Mind” perk will dictate the number of spells your character can use and learn.

Astrologer Rating.

Additional Build Info.

  • Every class in Elden Ring has the ability to choose a “Keepsake,” which is an additional item that will boost your character’s stats. Choose the “Golden Seed,” which will give you an extra flask. Allocate your Flasks in a way that will give you more “Mana” than “Health.” You can allocate your flasks at “Sites of Lost Grace.”
  • To get a better and upgradable staff than the one you start with, head out to the “Weeping Peninsula.” Defeat the “Demi-Human Queen” boss in the “Demi-Human Ruins” to receive the “Demi-Human Queen’s Staff.
  • Kill Imps down in the “Catacombs” at Limgrave. They may drop an “Imp Head,” which will give a 2 point boost to your Intelligence rating.
  • Buy “Memory Stones” from the hold early in the game to increase your spell slots.

Bandit Build

The Bandit class may look like a typical assassin class, but it is not. The closest class the Bandit resembles is a “Thief” class. The Bandit has a high “Dexterity” rating which will allow you to be swift and nimble in combat. In addition to “Dexterity,” it has a high “Arcane” rating. The “Arcane” perk in Elden Ring is basically “Luck.” A high “Arcane” rating will give you better loot drops. Since Bandit is a “Sneak” class, you will eventually have to spend points on “Vigor” to maximize your low health.

Bandit Rating.

Additional Build Info

  • Get both the short bow and the longbow for this class.
  • To craft arrows early in the game, purchase the crafting kit and recipe book from the merchant at “Church Of Elleh.”
  • After earning enough runes, you can start purchasing arrows from merchants without having to craft them.

Confessor Build

The Confessor is an interesting class that specializes in melee combat and using “Miracles.”This is the reason for its high “Dexterity” and “Faith” rating. The “Faith” rating will overall boost your “Miracle” and “Incantation” casting.

Confessor Rating.

Additonal Build Info.

  • Pick the “Golden Seed” in character creation to get an extra flask.
  • One essential item to get early in the game is the “Brass Shield.” The “Brass Shield” can be dropped by enemies in the “Gatefront Ruins.”
  • Kill the lone Knight riding a horse on Stormhill to get “Golden Vow” Ashes of War.
  • Kill the Knight Cavalry at Weeping peninsula to get the “Barricade Shield” Ashes of War. This will help you absorb heavy hits with your shield.

Hero Build

This class is the typical warrior class in an RPG. A Hero builds starts with high “Vigor” and “Strength” ratings. This will allow you to wield heavy weapons and use heavy attacks on enemies. Since heavy attacks require stamina, this class starts with a significantly high “Endurance” rating.

Hero Rating.

Prisoner Build

This class is somewhat similar to the Confessor class. The difference between the two is that Prisoner has a high “Intelligence” rating. “Intelligence” in combination with “Dexterity” will allow you to cast spells and engage enemies in melee combat. Spend more points on the “Mind” perk to enhance your spellcasting ability.

Prisoner Rating.

Additonal Build Info

  • Get more spells and training from the sorcerer trainer in the “Waypoint Ruins.” Purchase “Glintstone Pebbles” and “Carian Slicer” from Sellen in the “Waypoint Ruins.”
  • Get a new staff by killing the “Demi-Human Queen” in Weeping Peninsula.

Prophet Build

First seen on the beta network test, this class has probably the weirdest appearance. Prophet specializes in “Miracle” and “Incantations.” This class’s superior “Mind” and “Intelligence” ratings make it a powerful class. Using the powerful “Incantations” alone can deal a lot of damage to your enemies.

Prophet Rating.

Additional Build Info

  • Equip yourself with the “Crucible Armor Set” and learn the “Claw of the Beast” and “Feast on Fire” spells.
  • Use these spells in combination to render your enemies helpless.

Samurai Build

This class is a love letter to Sekiro and Ghost of Tsushima. Playing this class will definitely have you wield a katana or a samurai sword. The “Dexterity” rating of this class is one of the highest in Elden Ring. The combination of “Dexterity” and “Endurance” makes this class perfect for players who are skilled in melee combat.

Samurai Rating.

Additonal Build Info

  • Pick the “Golden Seed” in character creation to get an extra flask.
  • Since the Samurai’s secondary weapon is a longbow, you’ll need plenty of arrows.
  • Head to the “Church of Elleh” and buy the crafting kit and arrow crafting recipe. You will need animal bones to craft arrows.

Vagabond Build

This class is perfect for amateurs who are new to games like Elden Ring. Vagabond has evenly distributed ratings and makes a good class for new players. This class’s “Dexterity,” “Vigor,” and “Strength” are equally high.

Vagabond Rating.

Additional Build Info

  • Equip your vagabond with “Crucible” armor and weapon set. These can be found by scavenging the open world and killing bosses.

Warrior Build

The “Warrior” class in Elden Ring has the highest “Dexterity” rating. This class also has a high “Endurance” rating which makes Warrior a swift and nimble class. This particular class is suited for players who prefer fast attacks and rush their enemies.

Warrior Rating.

Additional Build Info

  • Go to the “Second Church of Marika” to find “Eleonora’s Poleblade.”
  • Find the “Deruvia” dagger by killing the “Bloody Finger Nerijus” boss in Murkwater Cave.
  • Dual-wield these two items to take advantage of this class’s superior dexterity.

Wretch Build

This class is not suited for new players as it is the weirdest class in Elden Ring in terms of perk ratings. Every single rating of this class is 10. This class is for professionals who want to challenge themselves in Elden Ring.

Wretch Rating

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