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Elden Ring: Best Twin Dagger Builds For DPS and Hybrid 2022

It seems like FromSoftware has created yet another massive title as Elden Ring even after more than a month of its release remains one of the most talked-about games out right now. As the game grows older and the player base matures, new discoveries are constantly being made, new builds are being created and older builds are getting even more optimized. We think enough really good builds are already out there that you should try in your first playthrough or through your journey in New Game +.

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Today we will be looking at the builds that you need to try in order to see how good twin daggers can really be. We will be listing out what weapons, armors, attributes, and talismans you can use while creating a twin dagger build and what we think is the best. Hope this guide helps you create the ultimate twin dagger build for yourself.

What Weapons To Use?

Reduvia Dagger 

Source- Cloud Plays Youtube

The dagger we really recommend you should try in your build is the Reduvia Dagger. It can be obtained fairly early in your playthrough and does not require insane stats in order to wield it. But what makes Reduvia Dagger so good is its weapon skill that allows you to throw projectiles that cause Hemorrhaging. It also inflicts a bleed effect which is one of the most overpowered abilities in the game right now. Using two Reduvia daggers in your twin dagger build is one of the best decisions you can make.

Black Knife

Source – Arekkz Gaming Youtube

If you want something different in your build you can go for one of the best daggers in the game called the Black Knife. Wielding these Black Knives in both of your hands is very deadly as they have one of the best Slash damage in the game and are very quick. This is a great option for players who want a more versatile and adaptable build compared to the bleed-heavy Reduvia build.

Keep in mind you can use any other dagger of your choice in your build, we believe these cover some of the most diverse and well-rounded builds so we decided to recommend these for your build. You would have to put your attributes according to your weapon scaling so be sure that you level up accordingly if you do choose to go for a different weapon. You also require 18 faith to wield this weapon so it can be great for hybrid builds as well.

What Attributes To Focus On?

Melee DPS Build-

In case you are going for the standard melee-focused twin dagger build then, the primary attributes you would want to focus on would be Dexterity and Endurance as most daggers scale with dexterity so increasing it will give you a massive increase in physical damage and Endurance allows your character more freedom with extra stamina and physical resistance.

For Secondary Stats, you should go for Vigor for a little more survivability and strength for more physical damage.

Hybrid Build

You can also choose to go for a hybrid build and let spells be a great part of your arsenal alongside the twin daggers. For this build, you would have to focus heavily on Faith and Mind for more magic capabilities and capacity.

You would also have to focus on attributes such as Dexterity and Vigor for physical damage and overall health pool.

Recommended Armor

There are a variety of Armor Sets that you can use for your build, here is the list of some we think are the best for twin dagger build –

  • Black Knife Set – It is a medium weight armour and provides decent resistance to both physical and magical damage.
Source- xHolmesWalkthroughsx7
  • Omen Killer Set – It is one of the best medium weight armors in the wholr game providing great resistance to magical damage.
Source- FP Good Game youtube
  • Land of Reeds Set – This is another medium weight armor and is very similar to the ones above, but is the starting armour for the samurai class so players can get it from the start of the game.
Source- Golem Gaming

We believe that for this build you should only go for medium weights so that you get the most resistance you can without spending too many attributes on Strength to equip heavier armor.

What Talisman To Use?

Lord of Blood’s Exultation

If you are using Reduvia Daggers or your weapon inflicts the bleed effect then it is a must that you use the Lord of Blood’s Exultation talisman as it increases your attack power by 20% if someone in your vicinity experiences the blood loss effect. This is the most overpowered talisman-weapon combination if you have a bleed weapon on your hands.

Winged Sword Insignia

Winged Sword Insignia provides you with an increase in your attack power with each successive strike. Since the twin dagger build is very quick and can hit multiple times before needing to evade, this talisman is one of the best if not the best for the twin dagger build.

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