Elden Ring: Flickering Black Boxes & Invisible Enemies Fix

Elden ring is finally out, and as the players are playing the game, they are getting some kind of Errors in Elden ring, which are really annoying and need to be fixed. The most common error is Flickering Black Boxes and Invisible enemies.

If you are also facing this kind of black boxes or squares and Invisible enemies, then here is the simple fix for you, in just a few simple steps, you can fix these as well as related issues in the game.

How to Fix this Error –

Run the Game on Dedicated Graphics card

To follow this, go to windows search, type Graphics Settings. Click Browse and go to the game installation folder, and select eldenring.exe there. Once the game is added, Select the game below in the list and click Options.

Under Graphics preference, you will see three options there, you need to select the last one which is High Performance written with your selected GPU. Then Save.

Reinstall Graphics Driver

If the game does not fix, you can always do a clean installation of the AMD/NVIDIA graphics driver. To do so simply go to the NVIDIA or AMD official website, and download it by selecting the correct specifications there.

Verify the Game files

The Problem can occur if the game files are corrupted or not loaded properly. So Make sure to go to the steam, by selecting the game properties, and verify the game files there, it will recheck all the files and will download them if they are missing.

To do so – Open Steam, go to Library, select Elden Ring, Right-click and go to Properties. Go to the Local Files on the left and click on Verify Integrity of game files.

Reduce Game Resolution and Quality

Sometimes reducing the game resolution, and some graphics settings can fix flickering issues, you can try to reduce resolution as most of the players suggested reducing the resolution worked for them.

To do so – Start Elden Ring, Go to System, Go to the Graphics settings (second last). Change Screen Mode from Fullscreen to Windowed. Now reduce the resolution as you like, and change the quality settings to Medium or low.

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