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Elden Ring: How to Defeat The Flying Dragon Agheel (Guide)

ELDEN RING Flying Dragon Agheel BOSS

With the release of Elden Ring being just less than a month away, players are excited to see what new challenges they will be faced within an open-world format. Players got a glimpse of what the game has to offer through various access only network tests and one of the highlights was no doubt the reveal of the Flying Dragon Agheel Boss Fight.

With the developers being notorious for difficult boss fights, some players may find it difficult to overcome this hurdle. So here’s our guide to beat the  Flying Dragon Agheel Boss Fight.

The Boss Arena

Elden Ring - Flying Dragon Agheel Boss Fight (No Damage) [PS5 Network Test]  - YouTube

You will face Agheel after he swoops in from the sky and burns a group of undead soldiers in a very large open arena. Since the arena is so big, this gives you plenty of space to move around and create distance in case you need to heal. With the added mobility of the horse, the player can also easily observe the boss’s move set before engaging.


Capture 2

Once ready to engage the player must focus the legs of the dragon while on the horse. There aren’t many attacks that hit you while you are under the legs of Agheel however he has a tail swipe attack and various foot stomp attacks that you have to look out for. Other than that Agheel may also start breathing fire at you, this attack hits like a truck however if avoided it gives you plenty of time to punish the dragon.


Once you have done enough damage to the legs, the boss will stagger. This is a great time to dismount your horse and go for a critical hit on Agheel’s head for a huge amount of damage. Rinse and repeat and you shall come out victorious.


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