Elden Ring – How to defeat General Radahn Boss Fight (Guide)

Elden Ring Radahn Boss

Radahn is particularly tough to beat and possibly the first boss that will take you some time to overcome Elden Ring. Here’s everything you need to know to beat him.

How to beat Radahn:

It is recommended to be on horseback for the battle as it is a pretty big area you have to cover. Like many boss battles, this is also split into two phases, so you need to be prepared for that.

Phase 1:

Elden Ring Radahn

At the beginning of the fight, Radahn will throw some dark darts at you twice. When that happens, you’ll need to stay undercover, taking advantage of the woodblocks you find on the battlefield. As soon as you change the cover, summon all the NPCs you can since they will fight alongside you and prove quite helpful.

Make sure they’re always nearby and, if they die, summon them again as soon as possible. They’ll be able to distract the boss, strike him hard, and heal you.

When moving from cover to cover, go East and gradually close to Radahn. After the second dark darts barrage he throws at you, it significantly helps if you hop onto Torrent to move faster.

Phase 2:

Elden Ring Radahn phase 2

Radahn will disappear from the screen for a few seconds and shoot into the ground. Here your strategy doesn’t need to change. Just make sure to jump over the energy blasts the boss will throw to the ground now and then.

Don’t stay too far from him – doing so, you’ll skip those little but very annoying energy balls he’ll hurl against you. They cause some severe damage.

Keep summoning fighters, and hit whenever you can. Stay close to him and don’t rush the fight, as now and then you’ll have to leave him be so that he can use his best attacks on your summons rather than against you.

After you finally beat Radahn, you will get the greater rune that lets you progress with the story, and you will also get 70,000 runes as a reward which can be quite helpful in multiple ways.

And that’s how you beat Radahn. Check out the video below to better understand the game strategy, and check out my other articles on Elden Ring.

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