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Elden Ring: How to defeat God Serpent Rykard Boss (Guide)

Elden Ring, the contender for this year’s Game Of The Year Award, has been released. Diehard fans of the Dark Souls franchise and new gamers are spending hours grinding this game. Elden Ring is an open-world RPG game with a vast map to explore.

Similar to the Dark Souls franchise Elden Ring has a plethora of challenging bosses to defeat. One such boss is the God Serpent Rykard. Read this article to learn how to defeat this boss.

Where to find God Serpent Rykard Boss.

You can find the God Serpent boss after exploring the Prison Town Church and killing the Goskin Noble boss. The serpent boss is located at the top of Mount Gelmir. Use the elevator beside the altar to reach a balcony. Jump down to the right of the balcony and clear out the area of enemies. You will reach a Site of Lost Grace which will help you to regenerate your character’s health and your flasks.

How to defeat God Serpent Rykard – Phase I.

After you enter the boss arena, you will at once notice a weapon being held by a corpse. This weapon is called the Serpent Hunter. You will need to equip and use this weapon to defeat this boss.

Serpent Hunter Weapon.

The best way to use this weapon is by using the “Ashes of War” mechanic. Use the weapon in two-handed mode and press L2 two times to deal with a powerful ranged attack. This particular combo will stun the enemy. The downside of this combo is that you cannot spam it. The serpent will spit venom, and you won’t be able to stun lock it.

L2 combo attack.

In Phase I of this boss fight, the God Serpent has a few attack moves you’ll need to dodge. The primary attack of the boss is its slam attacks. The serpent will slam two or three times consecutively. Dodge when the serpent opens its mouth after slamming for the second time.

God Serpent opening its mouth.

When the God Serpent’s health becomes extremely low, the lava surrounding it will rise. You will need to back to avoid it. After its health bar depletes, the second phase of the boss fight will begin.

How to defeat God Serpent Rykard – Phase II.

Head close to the boss as soon the second phase of the fight starts. Do not get too close to the boss as the lava surrounding it will rise. After moving forward, immediately start using the L2 attacks.

Phase II of God Serpent.

The boss in the second phase will use slam attacks with a weapon. Jump and dodge over the weapon when the boss sweeps it across the arena. After sweeping it two times, the serpent will execute a stabbing attack. Dodge as soon as the boss strikes the ground.

Serpent Stab Attack.

After the God Serpent’s health become low, it will come closer to you. The lava surrounding it will also rise. If the lava recedes, it will trigger a geyser of lava. You will need to keep a lot of distance and keep dodging to avoid this.

After a while, the sky of the arena will turn red, and the boss will start throwing flaming skulls at you. Dodge, run and use the arena space to avoid these skulls.

Flaming Skull projectiles.

God Serpent Rykard Loot Drop.

Defeating the God Serpent, Rykard will drop two items. They are “Remembrance of the Blasphemous” and “Rykard’s Great Rune.”

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