Elden Ring: How to defeat The Pumpkin Head Boss (Guide)

Elden Ring is filled with beautiful places to discover and in the Post, Town Remains most of you might encounter The Pumpkin Head. Here is all you need to know to beat him. Before I proceed further I would like to let you know that he is only an optional boss and it is not necessary to beat him to go onto the Legacy Dungeon but you certainly don’t want to miss the reward you get.

How to find The Pumpkin Head

Pumpkin Head can be found underground in the Post Town Remains area. Once you have found the area, you must use your steed to double jump over a blocked barricade to get inside.

How to beat The Pumpkin Head

In my opinion, the simplest way to beat Pumpkin Head is to use Northern Mercenary Ashes which makes this battle far easier.

All you need to do after you summon Northern Mercenary Ashes is to then circle around him. His attacks are slow and heavy so are pretty easy to dodge. And add to that the fact that he is large and moves forward when he attacks it’s quite easy to roll during his attacks and end up behind him, which is the best place to attack him from.

That’s where using Northern Mercenary Ashes keeps his attention, which puts you in a nice position to attack. and don’t be afraid to Block one attack and dodge the next to put you in a position to attack. Use his aggression against him.

And that’s the simplest way to beat him I have linked a few videos that will help you understand the strategy and his attacks better.

The reward

Once you’re done beating Pumpkin Head rewards you quite handsomely:

  • 1000 Runes
  • The Pumpkin Helm
  • Unlocks a site of grace
  • Carian Knight Set of armor

Overall it’s safe to say that these rewards easily make up for the battle

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