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Elden Ring: How to defeat Rennala Of Full Moon Boss Fight

The wait is finally over as players were finally able to experience what Elden Ring had to offer on its release on 25th February 2022. Elden Ring seems to be the rare game where the quality of the game is actually able to match the hype. With even better than expected critical and commercial responses, we know that many players are hopping in to try what all the fuss is about.

The Souls games are notorious for their difficulty, and with some of the hardest boss fights, we are sure even the experienced players would struggle in Elden Ring. To help you all get through the game, we have decided to cover how you can defeat the Rennala Of The Full Moon which is a mandatory boss you have to defeat in order to progress.

Where To Find Rennala Of The Full Moon

Rennala Of The Full Moon is one of the demigods you have to defeat in the main story of Elden Ring to become an Elden Lord, you will find Rennala in the Academy of Raya Lucaria after taking an elevator, here you will have to defeat her in order to get to the Legacy Dungeon. Upon defeating her you will also get a huge amount of ruins, 40,000 to be precise.

Tips to Beat Rennala Of The Full Moon Boss Fight

If you find yourself struggling against Rennala here are some of the tips you should try implementing against her –

  • Attack the Glowing Students – Once you start the battle, you will find many students on the ground throwing projectiles at you and Rennala would be in the air covered in a yellow bubble. You will notice a random yellow glow on some students, you would need to attack these highlighted students to bring Rennala on the ground.
  • Punish – Once you hit a few students Rennala will fall to the ground on her knees, this is the best time to get the damage in. Take a few hits and dont be greedy as Rennala can hit pretty hard.
  • Repeat – You have to repeat the first 2 steps a few times till Rennala goes into her second phase.
  • Phase 2 – In this phase you will have to actually fight Rennala instead of her students. She has very solid damage and can use summons in the fight. She usually starts using summons when she is low on health so be sure to be careful during the last stages of the fight.
  • Use Physical Damage – Rennala has very high resistance to magic damage as she is a mage herself so you should use physical damage in this fight. Even if you are a mage build, switching to a melee weapon for the fight is advisable.

    I hope these tips help you win the battle against the demigod Rennala of The Full Moon in Elden Ring.

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