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Elden Ring: How to Defeat Tree Sentinel Boss in 2 minutes

Elden Ring How to Defeat Tree Sentinal Boss

If you are looking for a way to defeat the Tree Sentinel Boss in Elden Ring easily, don’t worry. We have got you covered. This method will help you beat the boss easily without having to try over and over again.

Elden Ring has finally released its first playtest for PlayStation and Xbox users. Since we could get into the early access, we decided to make a simple guide that can help you defeat Tree Sentinel the Horse Boss, in minutes.

Defeat Tree Sentinel (Horse Boss) Easily

The Tree Sentinel Boss is one of the early bosses in the game. You have to fight the boss to get past the area. Sometimes fighting the Sentinel get messy because of his long sword. But keep in mind that it’s also a weakness of that boss.

It becomes difficult for the boss to wield the sword and ride the horse at the same time. So there is an animation gap that you can always see when he is swinging the sword at you. Read all of the points given below that can help you defeat the Tree Sentinel quickly.

  1. Always Stay Close to the boss.
  2. Rotate your camera to 360, when the boss is swining the sword at you (make sure you are close the boss)
  3. There is a gap between the sword so if you stay far from the boss you will get instant hit by the sword, But if you stay close and use your dodge acrefully you can escape those attacks.
  4. Try to do Jump attacks on the sentinal, because jump attacks have higher damage rate than normal attacks.
  5. When the Horse feeet are in the air make sure you dodge directly in front of the boss which will take you to the back side of the boss and help you get so many hits on his back.
  6. The boss always resets and put the axe or sword on his right shoulder, Whenever he does that you have like 4-5 seconds to hit him with your sword.

You can also watch the video given. It’s easy to watch and can help you defeat the boss quickly. You can also read the instructions for better understanding.

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