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How to Get Unlimited Runes in Elden Ring (Farming Guide)

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The reviews for the highly anticipated Elden Ring are out and it seems like Elden Ring is one of the few games that lives up to the hype. With many 10/10 reviews coming out, we are sure that many players will be hopping right into the game as soon as it releases.

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As you know, managing the main currency in these games is one of the most important tasks as all of your build is made using that currency. In Elden Ring ‘runes’ are the main currency that is required to increase attributes, upgrade equipment, or purchase items. So here is how you can farm Runes fast in Elden Ring.

How to Farm Runes Easily –

These are some of the ways you can farm Runes to level up quickly in Elden Ring-

  • Farm Huge Group of Enemies – One of the most common ways to earn the currency is by defeating the regular enemies youll find in the world. If you find a big group of regular enemies, it might be a good idea to start farming them once you have enough stats to deal with them without any problem.
  • Explore – The world of Elden Ring is huge, with many areas that you would want to explore. Make sure you explore as much as you can and try to find chests in the dungeons or the catacombs as these chests can earn you a good amount of ruins in game.
  • Progress and Defeat Bosses – The most natural natural way to earn Runes is by simply progressing through the game and defeat various bosses. Bosses provide a huge amount of currency so you should always try to defeat the optional bosses as well for huge rewards.
  • Sell – You can always sell your unwanted items for some extra runes. Selling items do not give you a lot of runes but can add up quick over your playthrough.

Hope this guide helped you grind those extra levels and made the game slightly easier for you.

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