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Elden Ring: Get & Buy Unlimited Smithing Stones Shards 1, 2, 3

Elden Ring-Smithing Stones

Upgrading is a very important part of Elden ring and is something the important catalyst in that are smithing stones, This article will focus on how you can get as many smithing stones of 1 and 2 as you would like provided you have the runes and we will also talk about a great source of farming for smithing stones 3.

Elden Ring, the latest game by Bandai Namco, has been released. This game is set in a vast open-world and has role-playing elements to it. Similar to the Dark Souls franchise Elden Ring has a variety of bosses to defeat. Some of these bosses can be defeated without breaking a sweat, whereas others take hours to defeat.

How to unlock the shop:

To unlock the shop for smithing stones 1 and 2 you will have to interact with the twin maiden hold NPC from the round table hold, we need to get the smithing miners bell bearing and offer that to the twin maidens, to get this item you need to kill a specific boss found in towards the northeast of the main lake.

We can find the entrance to the Raya Lucaria, inside which is a long cave system with multiple elevators and a lot of upgrade materials, and in the end, when you do finally defeat this boss they will drop the miner’s bell bearing, this is the item you need to take back to the roundtable hold which you can give to the NPC who will expand their inventory and now sell you smithing stones as well.

Smithing stone 1

How to farm smithing stones 3

Elden Ring Guard

For this you need to go to a place very close to the crystal tunnel, it is southwest of the tunnel, near the South Raya Lucaria Gate, you will find 2 guards patrolling this area and these can be quite consistent sources of smithing stones since they usually drop them multiple times, it is a little bit of a hit and miss but you should be getting them more often than not.

Gurad location Elden Ring

And that’s how you get smithing stones from level 1 to 3, check this video below to get a better understanding of what is mentioned above, also check out my other guides on Elden ring.

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