Elden Ring: How to Get Eleonora’s Poleblade (Location) Guide

Similar to the Dark Souls franchise Elden Ring has a very unique weapon and enemy design that makes it stand apart from other RPG games. The reason for this similarity is because both the Dark Souls games and Elden Ring have been directed by the same person, Hidetaka Miyazaki. One unique weapon with fantastic design in Elden Ring is “Eleonora’s Poleblade”.

The most overpowered and stylish weapon in Elden Ring is the “Eleonora’s Poleblade”. This weapon is a large pole with blood-red blades on the opposite ends.

eleonora s poleblade
Eleonora’s Poleblade. (sourced from Arekkz Gaming)

How to get Eleonora’s Poleblade in Elden Ring.

To begin the quest for Eleonora’s Poleblade you have to talk to an NPC called “Yura”. This NPC can be found northwest of the “Agheel Lake South”. Northwest of the “Agheel Lake South” is a stone structure with an arch. The NPC can be found camping under this arch.

npc camp map locatio
Yura camp location on the map. (sourced from Arekkz Gaming)
npc camp location
Yura camp location. (sourced from Arekkz Gaming)

After talking to this NPC you will have to head to the shallow river beside “Murkwater Cave”. Along the path of the river, you will have to kill a “Bloody Finger Invader”. After killing this enemy you will encounter “Yura” up ahead in the river. Talk to “Yura” and he will tell you to go to “Raya Lucaria Academy”.

bloody finger near murkwater
Bloody finger near Murwater Cave. (sourced from Arekkz Gaming)

After entering the main gate leading to the “Raya Lucaria Academy” you will encounter a “Site of Lost Grace”. Turn right from this “Site of Lost Grace” and head to the end of the bridge. You will come across a red summon sign. If you interact with the summon sign it will have you assist an ally in a fight. After defeating the enemy you will be teleported back to the bridge where you will be able to talk with “Yura”.

summon sign
Red Summon Sign. (sourced from Arekkz Gaming)

After this head to the “Second Church of Marika”. Here you will find the NPC lying dead. Interact with the body to receive the “Nagakiba” katana. Walk around this church and you will be invaded by the “Violet Bloody Finger, Eleonora”. Kill her to get the “Eleonora’s Poleblade”.

second church of marika
Second Church of Marika with dead Yura. (sourced from Arekkz Gaming)
battle with eleonora
Battle with Eleonora. (sourced from Arekkz Gaming)

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