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Elden Ring Hero Class | Strength Build (Guide Complete)

Elden Ring has a lot of classes a player can choose from. A lot of classes in this game are similar to the Dark Souls franchise. Elden Ring has introduced a few unique classes like Astrologer which is a mage class and introduces ranged spellcasting to the game. You can opt for the “Hero” class if you like sticking to the basics and building a brutish character that can one-hit kill enemies.

Hero Combat Style and Attributes.

The “Hero” class is a “Strength” based class. While starting the game with this class you will have high strength and endurance. These attributes will allow your character to wield heavy and large weapons. The high endurance attribute will help you execute heavy and charged attacks with huge weapons. As you advance through the game invest skill points in the “Vigor” attribute to increase your overall health.

The “Hero” class has one of the most satisfying combat styles. You will be able to equip your character with large swords and charge your enemies. Most huge two-handed weapons in Elden Ring have three attack modes. One is a simple thrust. The second is a heavy attack. The last one is a charged attack. You will need some extra equipment to execute a charged attack. A charged attack will stagger an enemy before striking them with a huge weapon.

The combat gameplay while riding on your spectral horse “Torrent” is unique. The enemy will lose a lot of health while charging towards them with the tip of the sword to the ground. The second phase of the attack when your character swipes the sword upward will launch your enemies into the air.

Equipment for building a strength based “Hero” class.


The perfect weapon for this strength-based class is the two-handed “Heavy Zweihander”. Change this weapon’s mode from “Standard” to “Heavy” in the inventory. You can purchase this weapon from an “Isolated Merchant” NPC in the “Weeping Peninsula”. This armament will cost you 3500 runes.

Ash of War.

To execute charged attacks with this build you will need the “War Cry” ash of war. This will allow your character to charge your enemies and stagger them in combat. You can purchase this ash of war from “Knight Bernahl” in Warmaster’s Shack. This item will cost you around 800-900 runes.


There are several talismans in Elden Ring that you can equip to give your character an extra edge. This “Hero” build requires two main talismans to make this build work efficiently.

The first one is the “Green Turtle Talisman” which will boost your endurance recovery in combat. Locate this talisman in “Eastern Stormhill”.

The second one is the “Axe Talisman” which will boost your charge attack damage. The “Axe Talisman” will give a 10% boost to your charged attack damage. This talisman can be found inside the “Mistwood Ruins” near the Limgrave Region.


There is no specific armor recommended for this build. Keep searching for better armor as you progress through the game. Upgrade to armors with higher stats.

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