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Elden Ring: How to beat the Elden Lord Godfrey Boss

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Many experienced RPG players might be finding the Godfrey, First Elden Lord quite hard to fight. This is because he can be quite deceiving in his appearance and can catch you off guard, which makes him quite tough to beat. Even experienced souls players find him challenging. This article will look at how you can beat him and what you should look out for.

Elden Ring is an action RPG video game published by Bandai Namco Entertainment and developed by FromSoftware. The game is created with a partnership with Geroge R. R. Martin the famous writer of Game of Thrones, who contributed material for the game’s setting.

How to beat Godfrey, First Elden Lord:

Phase 1:

Elden Ring Elden Lord Godfrey Phase 1 1

The golden spirit of Godfrey will ambush you after you enter the massive palace at the top of the Erdtree roots in Leyndell, Royal Capitol. Godfrey is a quick, aggressive brawler that wields a giant axe.

  • Godfrey attacks with wide swings of his axe. He will then follow up with a stomp on the ground, which will generate a quake in front of him.
  • Godfrey has two easy-to-exploit attacks. He jumps into the sky, then slams down, burying his axe in the ground. You’ll have a moment to attack while he recovers. He also will hit the ground from a standing position and leave himself briefly vulnerable while he recovers.
  • He has long-range when hitting his axe straight down. Most of his attacks are easier to dodge by rolling left / right instead of backwards. Keep in mind he doesn’t look it, but he is fast.

Phase 2:

Elden Ring Elden Lord Godfrey Phase 2

After you wear Godfrey down to 50% health, you will initiate Phase 2 of the battle.

  • Godfrey’s attacks will become faster and string longer combinations of attacks together. Other than this, he doesn’t change much. Summoning your Ash Spirits will help you immensely during this phase to take him down.
  • The easiest way to fight him is to bait his leap attack. When he jumps into the air and brings his axe down, attack him, then dodge sideways as he attempts to follow up. After escaping, you can get in another attack.

Make sure, as always, that you have enough health portion because you will need it for sure during the second phase. Another aspect of this battle that makes it tricky is his powerful combos. If you get hit once, you need to dodge his other attacks carefully, or else you’re dead. The reward you get for defeating him is a Talisman Pouch.

Also, check out the video below to get a more visual explanation of the battle and his attacks.

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