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Elden Ring: How to defeat Morgott the Omen King (Guide)

morgott the omen king

Elden Ring, the latest game by Bandai Namco, has been released. This game is set in a vast open world and has role-playing elements to it. Similar to the Dark Souls franchise Elden Ring has a variety of bosses to defeat. Some of these bosses can be defeated without breaking a sweat, whereas others take hours to defeat.

One such boss in Elden Ring is Morgott the Omen King. You will encounter this boss after defeating its first version, “Margit The Fell Omen.” Read this article to learn how to defeat this boss for the second time.

Defeating Morgott the Omen King.

This boss can be encountered in Leyndell, Royal Capital.

Before starting this boss fight, rest at a “Site of Lost Grace” to replenish your character’s health and flasks.

As soon as the fight starts, use your “Spirit Summons” to conjure companions. These companions will distract Morgott. Use this time to attack Morgott as much as you can.

spirit summons
Using Spirit Summons.

Similar to “Margit the Fell Omen,” Morgott throws daggers and uses his hammer to slam opponents. Morgott will summon swords from the sky around him, which will slam to the ground. Dodge and evade from the radius of his sword attack.

sword attack
Sword Attack of Morgott.

When Morgott will be busy fighting your spirit summons, use this time to sneak up behind him and execute heavy attacks. This will stun him. After half of his health drops, the second phase of the fight will begin.

Backstabbing Morgott to stun him.

Morgott will use a blood-red knife to attack you in the second phase. Be wary of Morgott when he charges with his red knife drawn. If he intercepts you while charging, he will impale you on his blade and slam you. This will dangerously reduce your health. Dodge forward precisely when he is near you to avoid his impaling attack.

morgott using red kn XKk2M
Morgott using his red knife attack.

Loot Drop.

Defeating Morgott the Omen King will give you two rewards. They are: “Morgott’s Great Rune” and “Remembrance of the Omen King.”

Loot received after the boss fight.
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