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Elden Ring: How To Seek Three Wise Beasts

Elden Ring is choked with puzzles scattered across the open world, and one in every one of them can task players with finding 3 wise beasts. These towers are sealed and may solely be opened by finishing the riddle found on the sculpture at the steps.

When players encounter one in every one of the puzzles with a blue magic door, there’ll generally be directions to hunt out 3 wise beasts, however, the note is on purpose imprecise.

Like any smart magic tower, though, the solution lies at intervals in the realm of mistreatment illusions. As long as players are willing to look, some tight loot waits higher than that.

The detailed process of finding the Three Wise Beasts

While looking out for these 3 wise beasts keep a keen eye out for Spiritual Turtles. Locating these can be started from these locations:-

  • Tetsu’s Rise
  • Oridys’s Rise
  • Chelona’s Rise

In the next section, we explain in detail how each of these areas can be located and explored.

Oridys’s Rise

  1. Fast travel to the site of grace in Castle Morne Rampart.
  2. Use the updraft and the torrent while turning East.
  3. Discover Oridys’s Rise Tower close which will be an open book for you to interact.
    • 1st TURTLE: Is hidden to the left of the puzzle statue you interacted with moments ago.
    • 2nd TURTLE: The second one is located behind the puzzle statue when you go towards the north side.
    • 3rd TURTLE: Walk towards a small pool in the southwest direction. Then do a blank attack. The invisible turtle will be revealed right in front of you.

Tetsu’s Rise

  1. Reach the Sorcerer’s Isle site of grace using fast travel.
  2. Interact with the puzzle statue near Tetsu’s Rise Tower.
    • 1st TURTLE: It is located somewhat near the cliff northeast of the puzzle statue.
    • 2nd TURTLE: This turtle requires a spell or a ranged weapon to acquire since it is on top of a tree out of plain sight. The tree can be found east of the tower hidden in a tree trunk.
    • 3rd TURTLE: This one is also located near a bush in the Southeast part of the tower on the lower island. Unlike Oridy’s it’s not hidden.

Chelona’s Rise

Chelona’s Rise is found within the Moonlight Altar, south of the ringleader Evergaol. you’ll notice this location within the extreme southwestern region of Liurnia. As you examine the glowing book right outside the gate, it’ll prompt with a message “Seek 3 nice wise beasts“. However, these beasts are a spectral kind of 3 big turtles spawned and scattered around the location. you would like to seek out them and defeat them to urge within the Chelona’s Rise.

  1. 1st TURTLE: The turtle can be located on the west side of the tower hanging from a cliff. With 1 or 2 hits you can easily acquire it.
  2. 2nd TURTLE: Is located close to the cliff in the SouthEast direction near a lower plateau.
  3. 3rd TURTLE: For this one, a Sprintspring is required. Firstly go towards the Ring Leader Evergaol in the SouthEast direction where you will find the needed Sprintspring. Use it to perform a double jump and as soon as you encounter it, use a ranged weapon or spell to put it down.

And with this, we come to the end of our guide to locate the three wise beasts. Hope it was useful for you.

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