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Elden Ring Rivers Of Blood Bug Fix (Guide)

Elden Ring Rivers Of Blood Bug Fix

It’s been almost a month since the release of Elden Ring and being such a huge open-world game there are bound to be a few bugs present. The good news is that the developers are constantly releasing updates for the game and trying to experience the overall experience with each new patch.

A lot of players have encountered this bug and want to know how to fix it. So here is everything you need to know about the Rivers of Blood bug and how you can get rid of it.

What is Rivers of Blood Bug?

Rivers of Blood is a katana that you can wield in-game with its special property being that it inflicts bleed effect on foes. The speed with which the bleed effect is applied to the enemies scales with the arcane stat of your character.

But due to the Rivers of Blood bug the game prevented arcane scaling due to which the bleed buildup is way slower than it needed to be and many players complained that the weapon felt weak due to this.

So How can you Fix This?

As mentioned above FromSoftware has been constantly coming out with updates to get rid of such issues and finetune the game and with their latest version of Elden Ring V.1.03, they have finally addressed this bug.

So to get rid of this bug you would simply have to update your game to the latest version ie. V1.03 and this bug would be gone.

So this is all you needed to know about the Rivers of Blood bug and how you can get rid of it in your own game.

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