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Elden Ring: Should You Give Seluvis Potion To Nepheli?

The Elden Ring Seluvis quest may be a prolonged one that runs parallel with Ranni’s quest and provides you access to a robust summons – if you play dirty enough to urge it. There can be some vital caveats regarding the temporal order of Seluvis’ quest, though, and if you see his quest through fully, you’ll even be barred from one in every of Elden Ring’s major endings finishing it’s entirely elective, although if nothing else, it’s value visiting Seluvis once talking to Ranni thus you’ll be able to purchase some robust sorceries.

Where to begin with the Seluvis quest?

Seluvis’ quest begins once you meet a stellar projection of the mage in Caria Manor, although it won’t seem till you speak to Ranni in her tower (Ranni’s Rise). that needs defeating Loretta, the Manor boss, and there’s a serious caveat associated with the temporal arrangement.

If you have started the Radahn pageant by clearing Redmane Castle or incoming within the grounds wherever Blaidd and Alexander are or if you have received Altus upland before chatting with Ranni 1st, you will not be ready to begin the hunt or speak with Seluvis till when defeating Radahn.

However, before you speak to Ranni, you will wish to begin Rogier’s quest 1st. That involves chatting with him in conference Hold, touching the stain in Stormveil’s burial chamber, and getting the Black Knife glyph from the Black Knife Catacombs in eastern Liurnia. If you speak to Ranni 1st, Rogier can die when providing you with his weapon, which implies you miss out on some vital mental object. If you complete Rogier’s quest, he sends you to satisfy Ranni anyway.

Anyhow, once you’ve spoken with Ranni to some extent that suits your wants, head downstairs and speak with Seluvis’ apparition. He tells you to talk with him personally, thus head to his tower, Seluvis’ Rise, across from Ranni’s Rise.

Seluvis asks you to allow Nepehli Loux a drink that might rework her into one in all his puppets. You can’t progress something any with him till you are doing one thing with the drink, however, what you are doing is up to you.

Should the Seluvis Potion be given to Nepheli?

The short answer to it question is not at all !!!, you most likely shouldn’t offer her the potion, however, we’ll make a case for why below.

After passing through Cariah Manor close to the northwestern aspect of the map, you’ll stumble upon Ranni and her cluster of NPCs: Iji, Blaidd, and Seluvis. Seluvis is clearly the foremost overtly unelaborated character within the cluster right off the bat, as he asks you to present a random drink to Nepheli Loux and have her drink it.

Seluvis will not say what the drink does, however, there’s a hidden underground area simply outside of Ranni’s tower that’s jam-packed with unresponsive folks or “dolls” — presumptively, folks that drank Seluvis’ drink in the past. There’s a game message within the space telling the player to not bite the dolls since they belong to Seluvis.

Try to sneak around the dragon within the space, then hit the stone bricks on the bottom at this actual spot (where the inexperienced marker/cursor is within the middle of the screenshot) to reveal the hidden area and see for yourself:-

  • Speak to Nepheli Loux in round-table conference Hold once finding her in Stormveil Castle simply before the Godrick boss fight. She can even be found within the Village of the Albinaurics if she’s left the round-table conference Hold already. Once she returns to the round-table conference, she’ll be down the steps, past Hewg.
  • Speak to her father, Gideon Ofnir, within the library of round-table conference Hold. He’ll recommend obtaining obviate the potions and casual Seluvis into thinking you gave it to Nepheli.
  • Choose to provide the drinkable to Gideon for him to get rid of it, then come back to Seluvis. This is additionally the step wherever you’ll favour to keep the drinkable to truly provide it to Nepheli.
  • Seluvis can give you a free summon spirit and become a Sorceries merchant once you tell him that you just gave the drinkable to Nepheli.

But if you willfully want to give the potion to Nepheli, then you can of course do so. In such a scenario Nepheli will become unresponsive like the other dolls in Selvis’s hidden room & also leave the roundtable hoard.

And this brings us to the end of the complete guide. Hope it was useful to you.

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