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Elden Ring Twin Blade Build Guide 2022 (DARTH MAUL)

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Elden Ring has come out to be one of the few games that really live up to the hype. The game was released on 25th February 2022 with overwhelmingly positive reviews from critics and masses alike. Even after more than a month of its release Elden Ring remains one of the most talked-about games out right now.

With players exploring new builds and going through their new games + playthroughs, new discoveries about the game are constantly being made which has allowed players to come up with some crazy builds.

Elden Ring Spells

One of the most enjoyable aspects of Elden Ring is the number of choices the game gives the player and how many different playstyles it enables. The amount of build variety present in the game is huge and one of the major aspects that makes the game so much fun.

One of the most enjoyable builds in the game is undoubtedly a twin dagger blade build. But since so much variety is present in Elden Ring players might be left confused about what twin blade build is the best, so we have decided to bring this guide to tell you what you should use in your own twin blade build

Complete Twin Blade Build

What Twin Blade To Use?

There are many Twin Blades in Elden Ring and most of them are pretty viable but if we were to filter out the average ones we wouldn’t be left with many choices. So we have decided to tell you about what we believe to be the best 2 twin blades in Elden Ring.

Regular Twin Blades

regular twin blades 11zon
source-orange youtube

This might be shocking to many players as this is the very basic version of the twin blade present in the game and can be found extremely early. But what you might not know is that this early game weapon outperforms nearly every other twin-blade in the game. The requirements to wield this weapon are also very low and also it is very light weighted which makes it very adaptable to different builds.

Eleonora’s Poleblade

eleo 11zon
source- Exorali Youtube

Even though we find this weapon inferior to the regular twin blades in many ways what makes this weapon so great is that it can inflict a bleed effect on your enemies without any infusions.

We all already know how good the bleed effect is in Elden Ring, one of the best weapons in the game Uchigatana also has a bleed effect which is so beloved by the community. The downside of this weapon is that you cannot infuse it with Ashes of War so keep that in mind before picking it up.

What Attributes To Focus On?

You should focus primarily on your Dexterity and Endurance Stat while making a melee-based twin blade build as stamina and physical stats are very necessary for a melee build and most twin blades scale more with dexterity.

Alongside Dexterity and Endurance, you should also try to put in points in Strength and Vigor as you will get more survivability with heavier armour and a bigger health pool.

Keep in mind that you don’t have to neglect the other stats instead only upgrade the other stats to the point they meet the requirements of an item you might want to wield, that should be enough.

The incantation necessary to give it the red flame is known as the Bloodflame Incantation.
Finger Seal is what you’ll need to put the sword and the incantation together.


Just go for the bulkiest armour you can wield without fat rolling. As a twin blade build you just want to maximize your damage and be able to take what is thrown at you without dying very easily. Squishy melee builds are generally a recipe for disaster so get the tankiest armour you can. Some of the armours we recommend are-

  1. Twinned Set
twinned set 11zon 1
Source-ConCon Youtube

2. Radahn’s Lion Armor

lion 11zon edited


The best talismans for a twin blade build are pretty clear and we highly recommend that you use these instead of other talismans which are less optimized for the build.

Lord of Blood’s Exultation

If you are using Eleonora’s Poleblade or your weapon inflicts the bleed effect then it is a must that you use the Lord of Blood’s Exultation talisman as it increases your attack power by 20% if someone in your vicinity experiences the blood loss effect. This is the most overpowered talisman-weapon combination if you have a bleed weapon on your hands.

Winged Sword Insignia

Since with Twin Blades you will be able to bombard your enemies with attacks it is highly advisable that you use this talisman as it gives you an increase in attack power with each successive strike.

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